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Lim Lip Eng

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 07:51 AM PDT

Lim Lip Eng

Three MPs thrown out

Posted: 31 Oct 2011 04:08 AM PDT

Source: (By Tarani Palani, 31.10.2011)
Three MPs were kicked out of parliament house for disobeying the Speaker's order to sit down.
Bakri MP Er Teck Hwa was told to get out when he remained standing and continued to demand an answer to a question he posed to the Minister of International Trade and Industry, Mustapa Mohamed, who finished his winding up speech without responding to the former. Er wanted clarification on a piece of information alleging that Malaysia was interested in trading with Israel. Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia repeatedly asked him to sit down, but he was defiant. "Why didn't the minister answer?" he said. "It's just a yes or no. I just want to know if Malaysia has economic ties with Israel"
Pandikar Amin eventually ordered Er out after several failed attempts to get him to sit down.
Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng told Er not to leave. A clearly livid Pandikar then showed the door to him as well.
The Speaker said there was no room for questions after a minister had finished his speech. However, he allowed both the DAP reps back into the house 25 minutes later.
Er told reporters that he was not satisfied with the Speaker's decision as he was merely trying to seek clarification. "I have got documents, including a customs document from an NGO, which shows that Malaysia wants to have economic relationship with Israel," he said. "I just wanted to clarify if the information was accurate."
Earlier, Padang Serai MP N Gobalakrishnan (Independent) was shown the exit when he continued to shout at his DAP counterparts, alleging that they had not kept their promises on the Kampung Buah Pala issue. He was sent out a few minutes before lunch break and was allowed back into the hall after the break.

Developer says no more work being done as contruction completed

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 07:33 PM PDT

Easy to get lost: Poor signage at Solaris Dutamas has become a bane for both tenants and visitors.
Source: (By JASTIN AHMAD TARMIZI, 31.10.2011)
CLAIMS made by the tenants and owners of commercial units in Solaris Dutamas Kuala Lumpur about their problems with the joint management of the retail and office has been refuted by the developer and management of the development.
The developer and management of Solaris Dutamas, Sunrise Bhd community and customer development general manager Anne Tong denied that there was still construction works and flying debris as claimed by the stakeholders. "It is impossible that at this stage there is still construction works and debris as the development is already completed. "Whatever works done in the development at the moment are the renovation works within Publika, which is the shopping mall within the Solaris Dutamas development. "Some of the works are by the individual retail outlets done by the tenants or shop owners themselves," she said during an interview which was also attended by Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, in respond to the claims made by the stakeholders.
However, Tong admitted that there were problems with the signage in the development which was also one of the problems cited by the stakeholders. "We understand that the signage here can be a bit difficult. However, we have engaged a consultant from Singapore to work on upgrading the 'wayfinding' signage for the development. As this is an ongoing exercise, changes will be gradual," she said. Tong added with regards to the high parking rates and claims, that the revised rates would not encourage more customers and they would resort to other malls claimed by the stakeholders were incorrect. "The revised parking rate is fixed at RM1 for the first three hours and RM2 per hour for the subsequent hours not RM1 for the first hour. "We believe this price is reasonable as it is comparable to other shopping malls in the Klang Valley and it is relatively cheaper than several shopping complexes nearby," she said adding that the parking rate is maintained at RM1 per entry during the weekends to attract and encourage more shoppers.
When asked about the claims by stakeholders that their units are not given proper publicity, Tong said they could not allow the business operators to hang their own buntings and banners along the corridors and the car park as it would affect the outlook of the development. "Just like any other shopping areas, we cannot let them place their buntings and banners as the outlook and appearance will be affected. "We have to maintain and control this," she said adding that they have also given publicity for many of the outlets in Solaris Dutamas by featuring them in the Sunrise news bulletin without charging them.
Some 200 tenants and owners from Block C and D signed a petition recently to the management of the development and organised a press conference with Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng to highlight the issue. Most of them said there are several things that have hampered their business in the area with one of the most pertinent problem was the delay in the completion of Publika shopping mall and the commercial units claiming there was debris flying around that was affecting their business.
The tenants and owners claimed that the construction was still going on although the works at Solaris Dutamas should have been completed two years ago. They are also unhappy that their units are not given proper publicity and are treated as a separate entity from Publika that has received numerous advertisements and articles in the local media.
Deciding to take matters into their own hands, the business operators printed their own buntings and banners along the corridors and the car park. However, they were told they could not do that and the security guards had gone around collecting the banners and placing them in the carpark to be picked up by respective owners.

Lim Kit Siang

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 11:36 PM PDT

Lim Kit Siang

Malaysia in the Era of Globalization #87

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 07:51 PM PDT

By M. Bakri Musa Chapter 10: Freedom, Justice, and the Law Personal Liberty in Malaysia –               Chilling Effects of Repressive Laws like ISA An editor of a Malaysian professional publication invited me to be its regular contributor. I readily agreed, and aware of the local psyche and ambiance, purposely submitted a rather bland first piece. [...]

Did Malaysia mature when we were not looking?

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 06:37 PM PDT

— Ooi Kee Beng The Malaysian Insider Oct 31, 2011 OCT 31 — The flurry of Malay organisations making the news in Malaysia bodes well for the country, whether or not these group together extreme rightists, opposition voices, concerned students or professors, or green or human right activists. The matter has now become too obvious [...]

Of Muslim bigots and Malay zealots

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 09:29 AM PDT

Ahmad Farouk Musa | Oct 24, 2011 Malaysiakini After much hype, the Himpun gathering at Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday was a non-event. The dismal attendance of roughly 5,000 hankering souls was a total letdown from the expected one million. Despite the claim that Himpun was a success by the organisers, it was clear that [...]

Surcharge the public officers responsible for over payments of 2,900-11,400 % more the market price and such financial hanky-panky will cease in future AG Reports

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 04:09 AM PDT

Malaysia must be the only country which aspires to be developed nation status where year in year out, the Auditor-General reports of horror tales of financial hanky-panky, irregularities, abuses of power and financial indiscipline in Federal Government accounts. Malaysians are entitled to know why such financial hanky-panky and irregularities could not be stamped out when [...]


Posted: 30 Oct 2011 01:30 PM PDT


Karpal: Crimes will rise under hudud laws | Free Malaysia Today

Posted: 30 Oct 2011 12:07 AM PDT


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