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Lim Guan Eng

Posted: 23 Oct 2011 01:18 AM PDT

Lim Guan Eng

Penang Green Council Logo Design Competition(en/cn)

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 11:19 PM PDT

Press release by the Chief Minister of Penang and Chairman of Penang Green Council Lim Guan Eng on 23 October 2011, in Georgetown:

Penang Green Council Logo Design Competition

Penang aspires to transform Penang into an international city that is a location of choice for investors, a destination of choice for tourists and a habitat of choice for those who desire sustainable living. We need to enable, empower and enrich all stakeholders to practice sustainable development that allows resources to be utilized in a manner that will be still be available tomorrow.

In order to make Penang a green state that is clean and safe, we have established PGC Strategies Sdn. Bhd (Penang Green Council) 3 operational objectives:
(1) To carry out activities, programs to realize the State Government objective of making Penang a "green" State by preserving and conserving the environment; to improve the quality of life with the assistance and co-operation of all stakeholders, related governmental or non-governmental organizations and the private sector corporations.
(2) To be a platform or forum to identify, discuss and undertake projects, surveys, investigations on sustainable development in Penang as well as to carry out and enforce the policies and aspirations of the State Government.
(3) To promote green industries and sustainable development that utilizes resources today in a manner that can still be utilized tomorrow.

PGC (Penang Green Council) is organizing a logo design competition. This competition is open to all Malaysia residents.

A total of RM5, 000 has been set aside for this competition. The winning entry will win a prize money of RM 3000 and 2 special prizes of RM 1000 each will be given to other selected winners. The winning design must not only encapsulate the above 3 operational objectives but also project the vision of the PGC as follows:

Penang as a green state that is clean, safe and harness green technology.
To enable, empower and enrich all stakeholders to practice sustainable development that protects the environment and quality of life.

Interested parties can submit their entries to logo@pgc.com.my as well as hand drawn submissions to: PGC Strategies Sdn Bhd c/o Pejabat Ketua Menteri TKT 28, KOMTAR, 10503, Pulau Pinang. The deadline for submission is 21 November 2011(Monday, 15:00). More details such as rules and regulations can be obtained from www.pgc.com.my .

The winner of this competition is to be decided by the Board of Directors. The winning entry will be chosen based on creativity and relevancy to the objectives of the Penang Green Council.

——— Mandarin Translation———-




为了让槟城成为一个清洁及安全的绿州,我们成立了PGC Strategies Sdn. Bhd (槟州环保促进会),其三项运作目标如下:

(2) 针对槟城的可持续发展,做为一个确认、讨论并开展考察及调查的平台或论坛,以及开展及执行州政府的政策及志向。

(3) 促进那些能让今日所用的资源仍为明日所用的绿色工业及可持续发展。





有兴趣参与这项比赛的人士可以将作品电邮致logo@pgc.com.my 或交至PGC Strategies Sdn Bhd c/o Pejabat Ketua Menteri TKT 28, KOMTAR, 10503, Pulau Pinang. 截止日期为2011年11月21日(星期一,下午3时),欲知详情,可查阅网站www.pgc.com.my .



How Can Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Be So Cruel As To Continue To Repeat The Lies By UMNO Blogs Against My 16 Year Old Son (en/cn)

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 09:39 PM PDT

How Can Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin Be So Cruel As To Continue To Repeat The Lies By UMNO Blogs Against My 16 Year Old Son And Question Whether My Son Is Innocent Of Lies Of Sexual Misconduct When The Lady "Victim" Had Asserted That She Had Not Even Met Me Or My Son And The Penang Education Director Had Declared The Allegations Were Not True.

I am appalled and disgusted by Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's remarks that my mere denial of sexual harassment claims against my 16-year old son was inadequate. Instead, Muhyiddin says that "if the Penang chief minister thinks it is important to correct the information, then he has to come up with a strong statement."

What more strong statement is required from me when I had condemned these barbaric lies as totally unacceptable, inhumane; and the UMNO and BN leaders involved as ferociaous beasts preying on the innocence of young children. Umno bloggers had printed pictures of my son and the alleged victim whom they claimed my son had outraged her modesty. They had claimed that my son tried to escape punishment by using my name and I had paid the girl's family off with RM200,000 to hush up the matter.

The photograph of the purported "victim" used by Umno bloggers was that of 21-year-old chess grandmaster Anya Sun Corke who is studying at Wellesley College in the United States Anya had already issued a statement denying the charge and expressed sympathy for my son for being a victim of such vicious and barbaric lies.

As a result of PR Penang government's solid performance in clean and effective governance for the people, UMNO bloggers has been trying to finish me off politically with lies and politics of hate. When they failed, they now train their guns on my innocent school-going son.

Amongst some UMNO leaders who highligted this shameful episode in the blogs is Bukit Gelugor(Penang) UMNO Division vice-chairman Dr Novandri Hasan Basri. He was then followed by many UMNO leaders rehashing the lies. Sadly even UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaludin joined in these shameful lies by poking fun at my son with this tweet:-

@Khairykj Khairy Jamaluddin
@PapaGomo Mungkin dia roboh Kampung Buah Pala sebab nak ganti dengan Kampung Buah Dada.


Even though the alleged victim had come out with a statement denying the lies, there is no remorse or apology as yet from Khairy or UMNO leaders to my son. Instead of condemning Khairy or Dr Novandri for practicing "the lowest of gutter politics", Muhyiddin has seen fit to question my denials and that I should not blame others for the allegations.

How can Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin be so cruel as to continue to repeat the lies by UMNO blogs against my 16 year old son and question whether my son is innocent of lies of sexual misconduct when the lady "victim" had asserted that she had not even met me or my son and the Penang Education Director had declared the allegations were not true?

Penang Education Director Ahmad Tarmizi Kamaruddin had told the Star on 22.10.2011 that his department found no evidence to back the claims of sexual misconduct against my son in several blogs. Ahmad said that it was wrong to drag a student into any controversy to gain poltical mileage. "Children should be left out of politics," Ahmad added.

If Muhyiddin wants to be seen as fit for the post of Prime Minister, he must be moral and ethical. He fails this moral and ethical test by picking on a 16-year old son who is still schooling and has no chance of defending himself. If Muhyiddin hates me so much, he can do his worst to finish me off politically. But Muhyiddin should not join the craven pack of cowards to pick on my 16-year old son and put my son again through this traumatic experience.

Muhyiddin loses the respect of decent Malaysians if he behaves in the same arrogant manner as those ferocious UMNO beasts who know only how to bully my 16-year old son and feast on a child's innocence.

——— Mandarin Translation ———–




当我谴责这种野蛮的谎言是不能被接受、不人道时 ,他还要什么强烈的声明?巫统和国阵领袖涉及向无辜的年幼孩子伸出恶毒的爪牙。巫统部落格也刊登了我儿子以及被我儿子非礼"受害人"的照人。他们捏造故事,指我儿子企图利用我的名誉脱罪,还说我缴付了20万令吉给上述女孩的家人做为遮口费。

巫统部落格所使用的"受害人"的照片,其实是现年21岁的英国西洋棋好手安雅(Anya Sun Corke),目前正在美国威斯利学院就读。她日前发表声明,郑重否认上述指控,并对我儿子遭受如此恶毒野蛮的谎言感到同情。


@Khairykj Khairy Jamaluddin
@PapaGomo Mungkin dia roboh Kampung Buah Pala sebab nak ganti dengan Kampung Buah Dada(译:可能他拆豆蔻村是为了要用胸部村取代之).




槟州教育局总监阿末塔尔米兹在2011年10月22日告诉《星报》 ,他的部门没有证据显示我的儿子涉及部落格所指非礼案。阿末也说,为了政治私利,将学生卷入其中是错误的。阿末说:"儿童应该被排除在政治之外。"




Lim Kit Siang

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 11:40 PM PDT

Lim Kit Siang

The stupidest comment of ‘em all

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 06:02 PM PDT

Comment by Thomas Lee Seng Hock I am simply amazed and stunned that a person of Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin's status can come out with such a stupid comment on the case of Lim Guan Eng's son. The Deputy Prime Minister cum Education Minister has remarked that Guan Eng's denial of the sexual harassment claims [...]

Aziz Bari – a critical test case

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 01:51 AM PDT

Prof Aziz Bari has become a critical test case whether Malaysia is moving towards greater democrartisation, academic excellence and enhanced International oompetitiveness or the reverse. The suspension of Aziz by IIUM could not have come at a worse time for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s National Transformation Programme whether government, economic or political. It [...]

MCA and hudud: Final part

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 01:46 AM PDT

By Stanley Koh October 22, 2011 | Free Malaysia Today At a 2006 forum to discuss problems that non-Muslims face as Malaysian officialdom continues to assert the predominance of Islam in the country, a prominent scholar acknowledged – "with "sadness", he said – that there was great confusion about the religion, especially among Muslims themselves. [...]

MCA and hudud: Part 3

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 01:48 AM PDT

By Stanley Koh October 21, 2011 | Free Malaysia Today Few will disagree that politicians are often trapped in history and history in them. MCA politicians should take heed. Unfortunately, when they throw stones at their rivals, they often forget that they live in a house of glass. When in 1993 the Kelantan government proposed [...]

Charles Santiago

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 11:31 PM PDT

Charles Santiago

தெய்வச் சிலையிலும் பரதக் கலையிலும் ஆபாசக் கூறுகளாம் இடைநிலைப் பள்ளி ஆசிரியைக்கு எதிராக மாணவர்கள் புகார்

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 04:19 AM PDT

மூலம் :- மக்கள் ஓசை


Posted: 22 Oct 2011 01:02 PM PDT


DAP: Let Fernandes and Ahmad Jauhari go head-to-head

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 10:42 PM PDT




Posted: 23 Oct 2011 03:19 AM PDT


2000 peserta PTRS bersemangat tinggi di Program Pecutan Akhir SPM Perdana

Posted: 23 Oct 2011 12:38 AM PDT

The Spirit of Lubok Kawah/Semangat Lubok Kawah

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 11:39 PM PDT

The Spirit of Lubok Kawah/Semangat Lubok Kawah

300 orang Peneroka dan Generasi Kedua Felda Palong 6 menyertai Parti Keadilan Rakyat

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 10:20 PM PDT

Sg Pahang airnya deras....!

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 07:31 PM PDT

Ini adalah Sg Pahang diambil dari tebing Kg Pengkalan Manggis, kelihatan disitu permulaan Pulau Temerloh.
Sg Pahang diambil dari Jambatan Temerloh, kelihatan jelas disitu Pulau Temerloh
Sg Pahang diambil dari Jambatan Temerloh.

Sungai Pahang Airnya Deras, Sungguh Deras Libang Libu, Orang Pahang Hatinya Keras, Sungguh Keras Senang Ditipu.

Pantun yang dipopularkan oleh Pak Talib Ariffin dari Kg Belengu ini memang kena dengan tepat menceritakan Orang Pahang, iaitu mereka yang mendiami kedua tebing Sungai itu dari Lipis ke Pekan. Orang Pahang Bentong, Raub dan Kuantan mungkin sukar untuk dimasukkan karektor mereka didalam kategori ini.

Episod demi episod sejak zaman Tok Bahaman dan rakan-rakannya menentang Penjajah Inggeris, roh pantun ini terkena kepada Orang Pahang, iaitu rangkap ketiga dan keempat pada pantun itu.

Memang Orang Pahang hatinya keras, walaupun keras sikap ikhlas Orang Pahang amat terserlah, kerasnya hati Orang Pahang itu dan sikap ikhlasnya bolehlah dilambangkan kepada warna Bendera Pahang itu sendiri.

Orang Pahang boleh menerima sesiapa sahaja ke Negeri itu. Yang paling ramai berhijrah ke Negeri Pahang adalah Orang Kelantan. Dimana-mana di Negeri ini ada Orang Kelantan, mereka berniaga di pasar-pasar, di pekan-pekan sahari, bahkan mereka memonopoli perniagaan ikan di pasar-pasar dan pekan-pekan sahari.

Disana sini wujud perkampongan Orang Kelantan, pure Kelantan, tidak bergaul dengan Orang Pahang. Di Temerloh sahaja terdapat Kg Paya Jauh, Kg Paya Keladan, Kg Bukit Tingkat (Kampong YB Ismail Sabri, seorang anak Kelantan yang berjaya didalam UMNO), di Jerantut ada puluhan kampong Orang Kelantan, begitu juga terdapat kampong Orang Kelantan di Lipis dan Bera.

Generasi pertama Orang Kelantan ini tetap mengekalkan loghat Kelantan bila berinteraksi sesama mereka dan dengan orang diluar komuniti mereka; tetapi anak-anak dan cucu-cucu mereka hanya berinteraksi dalam loghat Kelantan apabila mereka berinteraksi sesama mereka, tetapi mereka menggunakan loghat Pahang apabila berinteraksi dengan komuniti luar. Masyarakat Kelantan di Pahang masih lagi unik iaitu mereka masih hidup secara kelompok mereka, jarang-jarang anak-anak mereka itu berkahwin dengan komuniti luar.

Orang Kelantan di Pahang bolehlah dikategorikan sebagai orang yang sangat berjaya jika dibandingkan dengan Melayu Pahang. Mereka itu rajin berusaha, dan ramai yang menjadi ushawan, dan mereka mampu membuka tanah-tanah baru walaupun pada peringkat awalnya mereka tidak mendapat sebarang geran tanah. Oleh kerana ramai kumpulan ini aktif didalam UMNO, maka melalui UMNO mereka berjaya mendapatkan geran tanah untuk perkampongan baru yang mereka buka.

Melayu Kelantan di Pahang bolehlah diletakkan didalam kategori yang sama dengan Melayu Kampar (mereka yang datang dari Daerah Pekan Baru dan Bangkinang di Sumatera). Melayu Kampar juga adalah ahli-ahli perniagaan dan banyak kedai-kedai di Bandar Jerantut dan Temerloh yang dimiliki oleh Orang Melayu adalah dimiliki oleh orang-orang Kampar.

Orang Kampar juga mengekalkan bahasa mereka sendiri dan perkahwinan dikalangan mereka juga perkahwinan didalam komuniti itu, jarang-jarang berkahwin dengan orang lain, dan mereka sanggup mencari orang Kampar baik dari Selangor atau pun Perak untuk dijadikan menantu.

Kategori Orang Melayu Pahang adalah Orang Bugis yang mendiami di kedua tebing Sungai Pahang dari Pekan hingga ke Kuala Lipis. Kumpulan ini mudah "satisfied" dan kalaulah benar ada pepatah orang Melayu mengatakan bahawa rezeki secupak takkan dapat segantang. Maka kalau nak diceritakan tentang Orang Pahang, maka kita sebenarnya membicarakan mengenai Orang Melayu Bugis. Barang diingat bahawa ramai pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO Pahang adalah keturunan Bugis seperti Tun Haji Abdul Razak Hussain, Dato Hamzah Abu Samah, Tan Sri Yahya Mohd Seh, Ahli-Ahli Parlimen dan ADUN-ADUN Pahang; begitu juga disebelah Pembangkang, juga terdiri daripada anak-anak Bugis.

Orang Melayu Bugis adalah keturunan pahlawan. Mereka suka berpolitik. Mereka kurang melibatkan diri dengan perniagaan. Mereka tinggal di kampong-kampong dan merupakan golongan yang paling konserbatif di Pahang, dan mereka inilah menjadi pendokong UMNO yang paling kuat.

Itulah nak ceritakan perihal Orang Pahang, iaitu "the main bulk" adalah anak-anak Bugis, yang sesungguhnya sudah tidak mempunyai apa-apa hubungan dengan Sulawesi (lebih tepat Sulawesi Selatan), mereka tidak tahu berbahasa Bugis dan tidak mengamalkan adat istiadat orang-orang Bugis.

Ikhlasnya anak-anak Bugis ini boleh menerima sesiapa sahaja datang ke Negeri Pahang waima untuk menjadi pemimpin-pemimpin mereka, menjadi wakil-wakil rakyat. "Aku tak kisah" sebenarnya menceritakan sikap anak-anak Bugis ini. Sikap ini boleh digambarkan kepada warna Bendera Pahang iaitu 50% dari warna Bendera Pahang itu adalah putih.

Tetapi jangan sakiti hati mereka, mereka melenting, tidak ada kompromi, sekali menjadi musuh tetap musuh, sukar didamaikan. Itulah warna Hitam pada Bendera Pahang.

Aku sendiri mewarisi sikap Bugis dan sikap Kelantan. Tok aku disebelah ayah dan ibu adalah keturunan Bugis, berasal dari Kg Bintang dan Kg Berhala Gantang. Dan nenek aku sebelah ibu adalah orang Pasir Mas. Sebab itu aku boleh berbahasa loghat Kelantan semacam orang Kelantan, tidak ada kekuknya.

Orang Pahang hatinya keras, sungguh keras senang ditipu. Semasa Tok Bahaman mengambil sikap mempertahankan Pahang dari penjajahan Inggeris, berlakulah penipuan yang pertama apabila Inggeris mencanangkan bahawa Bahaman itu adalah PENDERHAKA, dan Sultan yang dinaungi Inggeris, walaupun tahu perjuangan Bahaman, tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa, dan justeru itu Orang Melayu Pahang menerima sahaja kononya Bahaman adalah PENDERHAKA. Hubungan rakyat Pahang dengan Raja mereka adalah seperti isi dengan kuku, maka mereka sanggup lakukan apa saja untuk membenteras penderhakaan.

Semasa PKMM menentang penjajah Inggeris, Inggeris mencanangkan bahawa PKMM itu adalah Komunis, komunis itu tidak ada agama, dan komunis itu mahu memerintah Negara ini dengan sistem komunis dan habislah orang Melayu akan ditelan oleh Orang Cina. Inilah dakyah Inggeris yang tersemat dihati Orang Melayu. Orang Melayu bangun menentang PKMM walaupun PKMM itulah yang meniupkan semangat MERDEKA untuk Negara ini.

Orang Pahang hatinya keras, sungguh keras senang ditipu. Maka tertipulah rakyat Pahang dengan dakyah Inggeris bahawa Bahaman itu adalah Penderhaka, dan PKMM itu adalah Komunis. Maka hiduplah UMNO yang pro-Inggeris itu mendapat sokongan dari rakyat Melayu Pahang.

Di Sungai Pahang ini banyak episod-episod kematian, baik semasa perperangan Bahaman menentang Inggeris. Kononnya ramai askar upahan Inggeris mati di Lubok Rakit setelah mereka memakan sejenis ubi yang dimasak oleh Orang Kampong yang memihak kepada Bahaman. Setelah makan ubi yang beracun itu mereka akan merasakan dahaga yang amat sangat dan semasa itulah mereka jatuh ke Sg Pahang dan menemui ajal mereka disana.

Pada hari ini setiap tahun berlaku kematian didalam Sungai Pahang. Kematian banyak berlaku semasa air Pahang surut, orang suka bermain diatas pasir yang timbul, dan mereka mandi-manda dan terjerluh kedalam Sungai yang dalam, dan menemui ajal mereka disana.

Saya masih ingat peristiwa beberapa tahun lalu apabila anak saudara saya dan 5 orang rakannya yang mengaji di Sekolah Al-Wosto Berhala Gantang hilang di Sg Pahang di Kg Berhala Gantang berseberangan dengan Kg Lubok Kawah (Itu kampong aku). Mendapat tahu kejadian itu aku segera ke Berhala Gantang, menyewa boat, puluhan boat disewa untuk mencari anak-anak murid yang hilang itu.

Hari pertama itu kami tidak menemui apa-apa. Tetapi keesukan harinya mulalah terjumpa seorang demi seorang anak-anak sekolah itu. Yang pertama ditemui adalah di permulaan pasir di Kg Bangau Tanjung, aku lihat seorang wanita yang sudah kembung dan busuk. Tidak ada siapa didalam kumpulan aku itu yang sanggup menaikkan anak murid itu kedalam boat.

Aku terjun ke dalam Sungai yang cetek itu, aku peluk mayat itu, semua kulitnya menglupas, tapi dengan erat aku peluk dia dan naikkan dia kedalam boat.

Kemudian 4 lagi ditemui. Alhamdulillah, kesemuanya aku yang naikkan kedalam boat dan bawa ke Berhala Gantang dimana keluarga masing-masing menunggu.

Kenapa aku lakukan? Pertama, aku merasakan bahawa itu adalah tanggungjawab sosial. Kedua aku melakukannya kerana aku memikirkan bahawa mayat yang ditemui itu adalah anak saudara aku sendiri.

Rupa-rupanya aku tidak menemui anak saudara aku sendiri. Dia ditemui oleh kumpulan yang mengikut aliran di tepi Sg Pahang di Kg Bangau Tanjung.

Mayat manusia amatlah busuk. Isteri aku bawakan kepada aku salinan pakaian yang bersih dan aku tukar pakaian aku untuk pengekebumian anak saudara aku itu di Kg Berhala Gantang.

Tetapi walaupun aku sudah bertukar pakaian, tak siapa pun yang mahu duduk dekat aku semasa pengekebukian itu. Busuk!

Apabila aku balik ke rumah aku di Kg Batu 4, Jalan Maran, aku mandi dengan pelbagai jenis sabun. Tak juga hilang bau busuk itu. Orang kata mandi dengan air belacan. Itu pun aku buat, tak juga hilang baunya.

Hanya masa sahajalah yang akhirnya dapat menghilangkan bau busuk itu, dan sehingga bau busuk itu hilang, aku tidak boleh makan, sentiasa muntah. Pengalaman itu tidak dapat aku lupakan.

Setiap tahun ada-ada saja kematian di Sungai Pahang dan Sungai Semantan yang bertemu Sungai Pahang di Kuala Semantan, Temerloh.

Sg Pahang airnya deras, sungguh deras libang libu, orang Pahang hatinya keras, sungguh keras senang ditipu. Jadikanlah episod-episod Sungai Pahang ini sebagai iktibar.

Aina mandi air hujan

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 12:39 AM PDT

Aku ada 3 buah kereta Volvo, yang ini aku parkir kat rumah dan jika volvo aku yang dua lagi itu memerlukan spare part, dari kereta inilah aku ambil.
Aina berdiri kat Volvo yang aku sentiasa pakai. Harganya dah tak lekat RM2000.00 tapi kalau orang gi Kota Bharu bawak 130 kmj, aku pun boleh, nak berlumba pun boleh, yang penting aku boleh pakai kereta, tak rosak dan tetap steady. Yang hujung sekali tu, satu lagi volvo, jarang-jarang aku pakai kecuali volvo yang aku pakai ini aku hantar gi service.

Ini cucu aku, Aina, oi, mandi air hujan dia.
Suka betul dia mandi air hujan.
Tapi badan dia tahan, tak demam pun.

Anwar Ibrahim

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 07:19 PM PDT

Anwar Ibrahim

Isu Aziz Bari, Bahana Malapetaka Ciptaan Umno

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 09:49 PM PDT

Oleh Mohd Rashidi Hassan

Umno-Barisan Nasional harus diberi peringatan, bahawa mereka bukanlah tuan kepada negara Malaysia, yang sesukahati boleh menguasai dan mencorakkan semua keadaan demi survival politik Malaysia.

Kuasa yang dinikmati sebagai kerajaan selama lebih 50 tahun, menjadikan Umno-BN alpa. Dengan rakusnya mereka ‘mencabul kehormatan’ insitusi Parlimen, kehakiman, polis dan sebagainya, sehingga majoriti rakyat semakin hilang kepercayaan terhadap semua institusi ini.

Kerakusan mereka tidak terhenti di situ. Selepas semua agensi dan badan berkaitan kerajaan dipergunakan sepenuhnya untuk kepentingan politik Umno-BN, kini institusi Raja hendak dicorakkan di atas kehendak Umno.

Buktinya jelas. Ada dua perbezaan yang amat ketara di antara perilaku hodoh pemimpin Umno Terengganu yang membuat demonstrasi di hadapan Istana Terengganu, yang dengan jelas menggelarkan Sultan dengan istilah ‘binatang’, berbanding dengan satu kenyataan umum Profesor Dr Aziz Bari terhadap Sultan Selangor.

Aziz Bari tidak menghina Sultan Selangor. Beliau tidak menggelarnya binatang seperti yang dibuat Umno Terengganu. Sebagai pakar perlembagaan dan perundangan Islam, Aziz Bari hanya mencadangkan supaya Sultan Selangor mengambil tindakan selaras dengan kuasanya sebagai Ketua Agama Islam negeri, iaitu mengikuti tatacara Islam dalam menangani kes DUMC. Itu sahaja.

Adakah kenyataan Aziz Bari itu suatu penghinaan terhadap Sultan? Mengapa beliau harus disiasat polis? Mengapa SKMM menyoal siasat beliau? Dan mengapa UIA bertindak keras sehingga menggantung Aziz Bari? Apa kesalahannya?

Mengapa Umno-BN terlalu jahat untuk mengenakan tindakan tegas terhadap Aziz Bari, sedangkan kenyataannya itu hanyalah bersifat umum dan langsung tidak menjejaskan kemuliaan Sultan Selangor.

Apa yang disuarakan Aziz Bari, jauh berbeza dengan apa yang dilakukan oleh Umno Terengganu. Kenapa Umno Terengganu, khususnya juak-juak Dato’ Seri Idris Jusoh boleh diampunkan? Umno Terengganu dan seluruh kepimpinan Umno yang merestui tindakan ‘membinatangkan’ Sultan, adalah penderhaka yang amat jijik dan jahat.

Kita berasa amat kesal kerana ada segelintir golongan istana, yang seolah-olah memejamkan mata dengan kejahatan Umno menghina Raja, dan bersikap keras terhadap mana-mana pihak yang cintakan keadilan, hanya kerana mereka pro-Pakatan Rakyat.

Semua institusi yang dipergunakan Umno-BN harus sedar. Kedurjanaan mereka dengan mencipta malapetaka suatu persatu hanya kerana hendak mengikut agenda Umno, untuk menyelamatkan masa depan Umno, akan dihentikan rakyat.

Kuasa rakyat yang bangkit hari ini (21 Oktober) di UIA, hanyalah permulaan daripada kebangkitan yang lebih besar. Soalnya bukan hanya Aziz Bari semata-mata, bukan hanya pencabulan kebebasan akademik yang dipertahankan, tetapi ke arah sesuatu yang lebih besar daripada itu.

Kiat harus memperjuangkan kebebasan akademik, kebebasan mahasiswa bersuara dan seterusnya kita berjuangkan Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti (AUKU) ciptaan Umno yang mengongkong golongan mahasiswa sebelum ini.

Mahasiswa adalah peneraju kepada perubahan dalam negara. Ayuh bangkit bersama Pakatan Rakyat! Kita perbetulkan sistem akademik dengan mengembalikan martabat universiti dalam negara, kita rebahkan Umno-BN, agar semua institusi dan agensi kerajaan dibebaskan daripada belengu kerakusan orang politik.

Mahasiswa bangkit, negara merdeka!

Has Dr Mahathir Gone Mad? The Truth About The Man And Nothing But The Truth

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 08:43 PM PDT

Malaysia Chronicle

It was Euripides in 'Medea' who made famous the phrase " Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad". Certainly it would be a fitting description of Muammar Gaddafi, whose gory end was telecast for all to see, on Al-Jazeera and CNN. It would be no less appropriate a phrase to describe Mahathir Mohammed; who has been mad for quite a while now.

We will not delve too much into what drove Mahathir mad, but it does not appear to be the usual reasons of genetics, or grief, or some drug overdose. Mahathir appears to have been driven mad by power. And perhaps certifiably insane by his quest for absolute, unquestioned power.

A crackpot in many ways

In the mid-80s, Malaysia still retained some independent institutions. However when the judiciary, in the form of Salleh Abbas, refused to bow to Mahathir's dictates, he took drastic steps to destroy Salleh Abbas. And henceforth the judiciary became Mahathir's creature, rather than a proudly independent institution in the British tradition. He would also go on to clip the powers of Malaysia's constitutional monarchy. Mahathir became, for all intents and purposes, Malaysia's dictator. He was surrounded by sycophants and rent-seekers. And that appeared to be exactly how Mahathir liked it, for megalomaniacs are certain they know best, and view the givers of dissenting advice as threats.

Mahathir, uncaring of the fact that Malaysia was a small country with limited say in the affairs of the world, would proceed to attempt to lecture everyone else, particularly the West, on how the world, or their nations,  should be run.  This despite the fact that he ran Malaysia like a demented despot.

There are two ways that countries can play large roles in the global affairs of nations. They must have either financial or military muscle. Malaysia had neither, yet Mahathir would for years, including after he retired, continue to harangue the west with his 'advice'. In the case of 9/11, to this day he insists that it was an American or Jewish conspiracy to destroy the Twin Towers. This crackpot conspiracy theorist, to the detriment of his country, was Malaysia's Prime Minister for 22 years.

Then there was Proton

Three years after becoming Prime Minister, in 1983, Mahathir  would decide to create, from scratch, a national automotive industry. This, of course, was, to put it mildly, a really bad idea. Automotive industries require captive home markets. You can only break even, assuming a competitive environment, if you could sell a million cars a year in your home market. Proton, a decade after its formation, could only manage to sell 200 thousand units a year, far short of the required million. There could never be money for genuine R&D. Proton would never meet Mahathir's fantastical dream of being a world player in the automotive market. Proton only continued to survived on the protection of government tariffs. And it's cars were merely repackaged Mistsubishis using outdated technology; as Mitsubishi was not willing to share new technology with Proton.

Ordinary Malaysians ended up with the raw end of the deal; they were forced to buy Proton's sub-standard cars for premium prices. Consumer safety was ignored by Proton and the government turned a blind eye. Protons lacked airbags and and anti-lock braking mechanisms. Many a fatality occurred that could have been prevented  if these saferty features had been in place. Export models of course had all the requisite safety features. It was only Malaysian lives that Mahathir deemed cheap. The government tried to rid itself of Proton by selling it to DRB but Proton would come boomeranging back to haunt it. And no real automotive company was interested to buy it. Discussions with Volkswagon and GM would all fall apart. Malaysia is stuck with Proton, thanks to Mahathir, and it is costing us.

Asian Financial Crisis took a heavy toll

Not that Mahathir was bothered by his failures. Like a mad scientist, he would go off on his next experiment. In one case it was to build the tallest building in the world. Money was not an issue; he could expropriate it from Petronas under one guise or the other.None of his advisers appeared to have asked the most obvious question, which would be; why on earth would you want to do that? Instead they appeared to tell him, in toadying chorus, what a wonderful idea it was.

There were endless other ways to spend the money, in development or infrastructure, that would have benefited Malaysia in the long term. Mahathir instead chose to dump it in a concrete monument to his own vanity. Mahathir was the short guy, trying to walk on outsize stilts to prove that he was tall. It was unreal and  was bound to end in a big fall, which is precisely what would happen in the Asian meltdown of 1997/98 when Mahathir's house of cards would come crashing down on him.

Malaysia's apparent success in the 1990s was at first attributed to good economic management. Yet all the Asian economies were booming including Thailand and Indonesia. It was quite impossible that Asian leaders, including a collection of despots whose leading lights were Suharto and Mahathir, were all providing their nations with good economic leadership.

The real explanation was that foreign funds were fuelling the Asian boom and too much of it was hot money that could disappear overnight. The fact that more and more funds were investing in Asia was an indication of the herd instinct that rules the often illogical global financial markets; rather than anything else. Currency speculators would take advantage of the inherent weaknesses of the economies within this unsustainable system to usher in, starting with Thailand, the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997.

Rushed to blame others

For Mahathir, it would mean a political crisis as well. His way of handling the Financial Crisis was to blame everybody except, of course, himself. George Soros, a currency trader, was suddenly a monstrous leech feeding off helpless Asian countries. Yet currency traders were a part of the complex global financial system. If there was an imbalance in the system, the currency traders would, in their own way, correct it. Mahathir would not admit that he had been spending money on failed grandiose schemes. It was all, Mahathir insisted, Soros's fault.

The Malaysian political crisis of 1998 would test Mahathir as never before, and it would illustrate the lengths that Mahathir would go to hang on to power. His deputy Anwar Ibrahim would be jailed, based on concocted evidence fabricated, allegedly, at the behest of Mahathir's friend and crony, Daim Zainuddin. The trial was a farce; one of the key prosecution witnesses, a policeman, stating that he would lie to the court if ordered to do so and yet managing to have his evidence admitted.


In 1999 Mahathir would move his administrative capital to Putrajaya, a fantasy city built from scratch at enormous cost. As usual, Mahathir had Petronas pay for it. For Mahathir, oil was not a finite resource for Malaysia as a nation to carefully manage, but a means to realize his own grandiose  visions, often with no particular benefit to the country.

Putrajaya would cost an irreplaceble RM 12 billion to Malaysia. The money went into grand designs and buildings filled with expensive furniture. It went into expensive ornate lamp posts instead of functional ones. Wanting to have bridges, but not having either rivers or lakes in Putrajaya, Mahathir dug his own lakes! He then built bridges over the ground he had just dug up! All this at taxpayer cost!

And what did we have to show for it? A bunch of civil servants sitting in nice buildings instead of functional ones. Nice buildings do not produce any economic activity. Factories do, private business does, and  infrastructure facilitates the two, reducing the cost of goods and services and reducing time to market. Putrajaya's buildings and unneccessary just sit there; a huge crater of waste.

Handover to Badawi

In 2004, Mahathir handed over power to Abdullah Baddawi. He was certain that he would be able to control Baddawi from behind the scenes. Baddawi, however, decided to go his own way. He cancelled projects that Mahathir had approved. He would not build Mahathir's lunatic 'crooked bridge' to Singapore. Mahathir then engaged in a 'war' with Baddawi which would end with Baddawi's ouster after the 2008 elections; though Baddawi was forced to leave office more because of BN's 2008 election debacle rather than Mahathir's attacks.

Over the past 2 years Mahathir has been trying to rewrite history by claiming, for example, that he had not ordered the the infamous 1987 Ops Lalang where more than a hundred opposition figures were arrested. Nobody was fooled and his audience actually laughed.

Not satisfied, Mahathir wrote a book with the misleading title of 'Doctor in the House'. The book is filled with hypocrisies and in some instances, outright lies. His intention, one supposes, was to try and make himself look like a doctor who cured Malaysia's ills. In fact, Mahathir was a cancer in Malaysia's gut, and his malignant effect will be felt long after he is gone.