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Jimmy Wong Weblog

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 07:33 AM PDT

Jimmy Wong Weblog

Invitation to SAPP for seats negotiation

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 03:39 AM PDT

    Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) has been invited to join the Sabah’s Pakatan Rakyat (PR) so the party could send representatives for the Sabah PR’s constituency and parliamentary seats allocation negotiation meeting. In a join statement that was read out by chairperson, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice president and also member of parliament for [...]

Where are the development that BN has promised for the interior ?

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 03:30 AM PDT

Despite of the fact that the BN Government has promised to improve the rural road infrastructures in the interior with a huge amount of allocation in the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) but the situations in the interior of Sabah have turned to worse. Sabah DAP interior Mobile service had received numerous public complaints from the [...]

Maximus Ongkili self expose incapability

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 03:27 AM PDT

The Federal Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation cum the MP for Marudu Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili challenges the opposition to build not only one house for the hardcore poor but instead should build for all the 1,400 hardcore poor in Kota Murudu district and the 600 hardcore poor in Matumggon. The minister is not [...]

Lim Lip Eng

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 07:18 AM PDT

Lim Lip Eng

Is declaring a holy war in the name of religion & race a crime in Malaysia?

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 12:21 AM PDT

Hisham: No action against Ibrahim Ali for 'jihad' call
Source: (By Shazwan Mustafa Kamal, 13/6/2011)
The government will not take any action against Datuk Ibrahim Ali for threatening Christians nationwide with a holy war against any move to usurp Islam with a Christian state.
"Action will only be taken if investigations find that the said act really contravened the country's laws," Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said in a written reply to Lim Lip Eng (Segambut-DAP) in the Dewan Rakyat today. Lim had asked the Home Ministry to state whether it was a punishable offence for a person to declare "jihad" in the name of race and religion.
"I would advise that all parties be careful in making an accusation when its validity has yet to be verified," said Hishammuddin.
The Perkasa president's threat to Christians was based on Utusan Malaysia's recent allegation that church leaders were in a plot with the DAP to turn Malaysia into a Christian state and install a Christian prime minister. Christian leaders and DAP members have denied the reports which have sparked protests but the Home Ministry has only slapped Utusan Malaysia with a warning letter for publishing the unsubstantiated report. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak was forced to meet with church leaders to clear the air but Umno vice president and Home Minister Hishammuddin later said that there was "some basis" to the reports.
The police in Penang have completed an investigation into Utusan Malaysia's claims and have handed over the case to the Attorney-General's Chambers.
Utusan Malaysia had published a report entitled "Kristian Agama Rasmi?" (Christianity the official religion?) where it was alleged that DAP leaders and Christian clergymen were conspiring to take over Putrajaya, abolish Islam as the religion of the federation and install a Christian prime minister.

Lim Guan Eng

Posted: 13 Jun 2011 01:09 AM PDT

Lim Guan Eng

Malaysians Have No Faith That A BN Cabinet Committee To Evaluate Gas Subsidies And TNB’s Power Purchase Agreement With The Independent power producers (IPPs) Will Side With The People When No Action Was Taken On The RM 52 Billion Bumi Shares Scandal (En/Bm/Cn)

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 11:20 PM PDT

Press Statement By Penang Chief Minister And DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 13 June 2011.

Malaysians Have No Faith That A BN Cabinet Committee To Evaluate Gas Subsidies And TNB's Power Purchase Agreement With The Independent power producers (IPPs) Will Side With The People When No Action Was Taken On The RM 52 Billion Bumi Shares Scandal.

Malaysians have no faith that a special BN Cabinet committee formed to evaluate gas subsidies and TNB's power purchase agreement with IPPs will side with the people when no action was previously taken on the RM52 billon bumi shares scandal. Only a Royal Commission of Inquiry or a bi-partisan committee comprising of both BN and PR elected representatives can instill public confidence that Malaysians will not lose out on renegotiating the IPPs as they have lost out when Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad imposed these lopsided gas subsidies and unfair contracts in favour of IPPs.

The government had given out RM54 billion in bumi shares but only RM2 billion remained, the RM52 billion cashed out by the few UMNO and BN leaders for dishonest profit. If the RM52 billion of bumi shares were still retained, bumi corporate equity would now easily exceed 40%.

The same reason that BN refuses to act against those responsible for the RM52 billion bumi shares scandal is the same reason why Malaysians have no faith that BN will side with the people in negotiating with the IPPs. Those involved in the RM52 billion bumi shares scandal and the IPPs are all cronies of BN or enjoy the billion ringgit subsidies courtesy of political patronage.

For this reason Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak's assurances that his government will not look after the interests of IPPs but will side with the people, sounds hollow and unconvincing when the BN government refused to punish and force the perpetrators of the RM52 billion bumi shares scandal to cough out their ill-gotten gains and give back to the poor bumis and Malays.

That is why DAP supported the proposal by Gua Musang MP Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to set up a Royal Commission of Inquiry(RCI) to review the IPP's agreements and gas subsidies in the interests of 27 million Malaysians. Why is it that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is the only BN MP who can see the adverse impact of subsidy cuts and rising power prices on the cost of living of ordinary Malaysians?

Are the other BN MPs so beholden to IPPs that they are willing to cut subsidies for the poor but not even touch the tens of billions of ringgit of gas subsidies enjoyed the IPPs, thus allowing billions of ringgit in annual profits? The RCI or bipartisan committee of both BN and PR leaders is crucial to ensure that there is no cover-up and a full disclosure of the power purchasing agreements between TNB and the various IPPs.


- Malay Translation –

Kenyataan Akhbar Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang dan Setiausaha Agung DAP, Lim Guan Eng pada 13 Jun 2011 di Kuala Lumpur.

Rakyat Malaysia Tidak Yakin Dengan Barisan Kabinet Barisan Nasional (BN) yang mahu Menilai Semula Subsidi Gas Dan Perjanjian Pembelian Tenaga dengan Pengeluar Tenaga Bebas (Independent Power Producer – IPPs) Akan Menyebelahi Rakyat Malaysia Apabila Masih Tiada Tindakan Diambil Berhubung RM52 Bilion Skandal Saham Bumiputera.

Rakyat Malaysia tidak yakin bahawa jawatankuasa khas kabinet BN yang ditubuhkan untuk menilai subsidi gas dan Perjanjian Pembelian Tenaga yang ditandatangani antara Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) dan Penjana Tenaga Bebas (IPP) akan memihak kepada rakyat apabila masih tiada tindakan diambil ke atas skandal kehilangan saham bumiputera sebanyak RM52 bilion. Hanya Suruhanjaya Diraja atau jawatankuasa dwipartisan yang terdiri daripada wakil BN dan Pakatan Rakyat (PR) yang terpilih sahaja akan dapat mengembalikan keyakinan umum bahawa rakyat Malaysia tidak akan terjejas dengan rundingan semula IPP berikutan kita telah kehilangannya ketika Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mewajibkan perjanjian subsidi gas yang berat sebelah dan tidak adil yang memberi kelebihan kepada IPP.

Kerajaan telah memperuntukan RM54 bilion saham bumiputera tetapi hanya RM2 bilion sahaja yang tinggal dan masih dipegang oleh bumiputera, RM52 bilion telah diagihkan kepada beberapa pemimpin UMNO dan BN untuk kepentingan diri sendiri. Sekiranya RM52 bilion saham bumiputera masih dipertahankan, ekuiti syarikat bumiputera kini dengan mudah akan melebihi 40%.

Inilah sebab utama yang mana BN enggan untuk mengambil tindakan ke atas mereka yang bertanggungjawab terhadap skandal kehilangan RM52 bilion saham bumiputera dan atas sebab itu jugalah, rakyat Malaysia tidak yakin bahawa BN akan menyebelahi rakyat dalam rundingan semula dengan IPP berkenaan. Mereka yang terlibat dalam skandal kehilangan RM52 bilion saham bumiputera dan IPP ini semuanya adalah kroni-kroni BN yang menikmati subsidi yang bernilai berbilion-bilion ringgit disebabkan oleh percaturan politik.

Atas sebab itu jugalah, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak begitu yakin menegaskan bahawa kerajaan beliau tidak akan melihat kepentingan IPP tetapi sebaliknya akan memastikan segalanya akan menyebelahi rakyat, bunyi seperti kosong dan langsung tidak menyakinkan ketika kerajaan BN menolak untuk mengambil tindakan dan memaksa semua yang terlibat dengan skandal saham bumiputera RM52 bilion untuk mengembalikan semula keuntungan haram yang dinikmati dan menyerahkannya semula kepada bumiputera miskin dan orang Melayu.

Inilah sebabnya DAP menyokong cadangan Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah yang mencadangkan agar sebuah Suruhanjaya Diraja ditubuhkan bagi menyiasat perjanjian IPP dan subsidi gas untuk kebaikan 27 juta rakyat Malaysia. Mengapa hanya seorang ahli parlimen BN iaitu Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah sahaja yang dapat melihat kesan pemotongan subsidi dan kenaikan kadar tarif elektrik terhadap kos sara diri rakyat Malaysia yang biasa?

Adakah Ahli Parlimen BN yang lain terikat dengan IPP dan sanggup melihat pemotongan subsidi kepada golongan miskin akan tetapi langsung tidak menyentuh berpuluh-puluh bilion ringgit subsidi gas yang dinikmati oleh IPP, sehingga membolehkan keuntungan tahunan sehingga berbilion-bilion ringgit? Suruhanjaya Diraja atau jawatankuasa dwipartisan yang terdiri daripada wakil pemimpin BN dan PR adalah sangat penting bagi memastikan tiada sebarang perjanjian tersembunyi terhadap Perjanjian Pembelian Kuasa antara TNB dan para IPP.


- Chinese Translation –










Charles Santiago

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 11:44 PM PDT

Charles Santiago

Set up an independent wage council, urges MP

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 08:07 PM PDT

Source :- Malaysiakini
The council to be set up under the proposed National Wage Consultative Council Bill must be autonomous and independent from the government, said an opposition MP.

The new bill, which is to replace the Salary Determination Council Act 1947, is expected to be tabled, debated and passed at next week’s Parliament sitting.

The council, once approved by the House, is to coordinate and determine the minimum wage for private sector workers to overcome the hike in living costs following the recent subsidy rationalisation.

"However, first of all, we want it to be called the National Decent Living Wage Council instead," said Klang DAP MP Charles Santiago (right).

The reason, he said, is that the earnings of a high percentage of Malaysians are below the poverty line and minimum wages could be determined from that basis.

This is on top of the call to ensure that the council is independent and free from the government’s leash, he added.

"The government here has a way of ensuring, in the end, that they have the final say, and is usually biased towards the employers," said Charles.

"The World Bank report states that 34 percent of the workers in the country are earning an average of RM700 per month which is below the poverty line of RM720," he said.

He pointed out that the working class has been burdened with stagnant wages for at least the past decade, with wages going up by just 2.6 percent between 2000 and 2010.

Looking ahead, Charles called for a consultation group of experts from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea to draw up a proposal to determine "decent living wages" as an immediate measure to help the working class.

Council to have the last word

"The parties sitting on the council should be representative of the employers, workers and independ appointments.

"The council will then forward their proposals to the government, which if agreeable, will be implemented. If the government does not agree, it can send them back to the council for a second round of negotiations, but the council has the last word," he said.

He explained that a decent living wage is divided into three key components – food, non-food and savings.

This mechanism has been successful implemented in the Philippines and Indonesia.

After the mechanism proposed is finalised tomorrow, Charles said that the Decent Living Wages Campaign will be flagged off.

"We all talk of combating corruption but for the man-on-the-street they are thinking of how to pay their bills.

"They need a solution tonight, so that they can put food on the table for their family in the morning. Some take on two to three jobs in order to earn enough," he added.

Charles reiterated that a "decent living wage" proposal should include a minimum wage of between RM1,500 and RM2,000 for the working class.

Go for decent living wage policy

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 08:00 PM PDT

Source :- Free Malaysia Today 

G.Vinod  June 11, 2011

Compared to a minimum wage policy which is a short-term remedy, a decent living wage will ensure workers’ wages are on par with current economic reality.

PETALING JAYA: A decent living wage policy should be the way forward for governments in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and South Korea to give workers better security.

Several trade activists from these countries said it was high time that the respective governments scrapped the minimum wage policy and implement the decent living wage policy.

At a roundtable conference here, they said that a decent living wage policy would help workers cope with the economic realities of their respective countries in real time.

Also present were Klang MP Charles Santiago and Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) secretary-general S Arutchelvan.

The Philippine National Wages and Productivity Commission deputy executive director Patricia Hornilla said that a decent living wage has a more holistic approach in addressing workers' needs compared to a minimum wage.

"A decent living wage will ensure a worker has funds for savings and investing in social security schemes," said Hornilla.

She added that such a salary scheme would take into consideration the workers' dependants such as their immediate family members.

However, Hornilla said it was important that all parties involved in implementing the policy – the government, employers and employees – come to a mutual understanding.

She said that the parties could come up with clear criteria on how the wages should be adjusted from time to time.

"This will help employers be prepared. It will also deter employees from having unrealistic expectations over their wage adjustments."

She also said that employers should not argue about productivity when it came to addressing the basic needs of their workers.

"Productivity should only be taken into consideration when considering increments," she said.

Lack of political will

Thailand's Arom Pongpangan Foundation-Labour Resource Centre director Bundit Thanachaisethavut said that unlike a decent living wage, a minimum wage only served to protect those who were fresh in the workforce for a certain period of time.

"But a decent wage policy takes into consideration cost of living, skills upgrade and sustainability," said Thanachaisethavut.

However, he said that the new policy could only materialise if the unions were strong.

Santiago agreed that a decent living wage scheme was the way to move forward in these current times.

"In many countries, the minimum wage is set even below the povery line. However, a decent living wage will ensure the worker has money for food, non-food items and savings," he said.

Santiago said the new policy would automatically ensure the workers receive a wage above the poverty line.

Asked whether the unions would face opposition from employers over the new plan, the DAP MP said currently there was a lack of political will in addressing the workers' wages.

However, he said that although initially employers might find it tough to implement the new wage policy, they would benefit in the long run.

"With higher purchasing power, people will have means to buy more goods which will eventually be beneficial to our economy due to higher domestic consumption," Santiago said.

The government is set to table the National Wage Consultative Council Bill when Parliament begin its sitting on Monday.

Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam said the council would be empowered to make recommendations on workers' wages once the Bill is passed.

According to a World Bank report, about 34% of Malaysians earn wages below RM700, which is below the Malaysian poverty line benchmark of RM720.

Wage council should be autonomous

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 07:57 PM PDT

Source :- Free Malaysia Today
G Vinod June 12, 2011

PETALING JAYA: The council under the proposed National Consultative Wages Council Bill should be the decision making body on workers' wages, not the government.

Several opposition parties and NGOs came to this resolution yesterday, in the final phase of the roundtable conference at a hotel in Petaling Jaya.

Those in support of the resolution were Suaram, Tenaganita, Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia (SABM), DAP and PKR.

Also present at the conference yesterday were foreign delegates from Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea and Klang MP Charles Santiago.

Human Resource Minister Dr S Subramaniam is set to table the National Wage Consultative Council Bill when Parliament begins its sitting on Monday.

He said the council would be empowered to make recommendations on workers' wages once the Bill was passed

Santiago said the current bill, if passed, would only empower the council to make recommendations to the government on wage adjustments for workers.

"And the human resources minister will still have a final say on it," he added.

Not only the council should be autonomous, Santiago also said that only labour movements, employers and independent individuals should be allowed to be members of the council.

He added that the independent individuals should be appointed to the council based on mutual consensus between the employers and workers.

"And these individuals should be those who are familiar with labour issues such as labour lawyers and labour academics, not some retired civil servants or those still in service," he said.

Touching on the decent living wage policy, the DAP leader said that small and medium enterprises (SME) could be exempted from the policy at least for a certain period of time.

"The government can allow them some time lapse until they are financially sound to implement the policy. But for some very small businesses, we can exempt them from it," he said.

On June 11, the delegates called upon Asean governments to scrap the minimum wage policy and introduce the decent living wage policy for workers.

Unlike the minimum wage policy which normally sets the wage benchmark below the poverty line, the decent living wage policy would take into consideration the living needs of a worker, such as funds for food and non-food, savings and their immediate family members.

Lim Kit Siang

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 11:43 PM PDT

Lim Kit Siang

Guan Eng wants bipartisan review of IPPs

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 11:42 PM PDT

By Yow Hong Chieh June 13, 2011 The Malaysian Insider KUALA LUMPUR, June 13 — The government must convene a panel comprising both Barisan Nasional (BN) and opposition lawmakers to ensure there is no cover-up of "lopsided" independent power producers (IPPs) deals, Lim Guan Eng has said. The DAP secretary-general said only a bipartisan committee [...]

A re-branded PAS?

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 05:20 PM PDT

By Tan Siok Choo Sun 13 Jun 2011 TAKEN collectively, three developments at PAS's recent muktamar or general assembly have the potential to re-define Malaysian politics. For the first time since 1983, an ulama (or religious leader) wasn't retained or elected as deputy president, the second highest-ranked party official. The ulama also lost all three [...]

RHB mega-merger: ‘Najib must be accountable’

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 07:19 AM PDT

Jun 12, 11 | MalaysiaKini DAP has asked Prime Minister Najib Razak to explain why Bank Negara is pushing hard for the RHB merger with one of Malaysia’s two largest banks when the move would lead to foreign exchange outflow and an unhealthy monopoly. "Najib should present ministerial statement in Parliament tomorrow on the rationale [...]

“Jika Utusan fitnah kamu, maka kamu patut diam saja”

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 04:23 AM PDT

Komentar Roketkini 12 June 2011 | Roketkini 12 JUN – Mungkin mengajar ketam berjalan betul lebih mudah daripada memujuk Utusan Malaysia supaya menghentikan perbuatan keji dan terkutuk memfitnah DAP dan Pakatan Rakyat. Sidang pengarang Utusan atas nama Awang Selamat kini membawa satu lagi ajaran fitnah – jika Utusan fitnah DAP kamu, maka kamu patut diam [...]

Penang CM shoots at Star

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 04:03 AM PDT

By Susan Loone Jun 12, 11 | MalaysiaKini MCA-owned Star Publication’s editorial today has displeased the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng so badly that he has urged the paper not to follow in the footsteps of Utusan Malaysia. The Malay language paper has come under fire of late, for its extreme views and sensationalised [...]

Can bloggers be in solidarity with the media?

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 03:47 AM PDT

By Dr Lim Teck Ghee Sunday, 12 June 11 | Centre for Policy Initiatives In Malaysia, bloggers have been engaged in a battle to correct the spinning and political bias which has become part of the normal business and deep culture of the media. Since Independence, the majority of the media has been a willing [...]

Bersih rally goes on, says Ambiga, PAS

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 03:40 AM PDT

By Boo Su-Lyn June 12, 2011 | The Malaysian Insider KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — Bersih 2.0 chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and PAS leaders have dismissed opposition towards next month's Bersih rally and maintained plans to proceed with it. Umno daily Utusan Malaysia today urged Malaysians to boycott the protest and quoted Home Minister Datuk [...]

Artiste Day: ‘Rais blew half year’s budget in 1 day’

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 03:03 AM PDT

Malaysiakini Jun 12, 11 Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has slammed minister Rais Yatim for splurging RM100 million, or half the annual budget for creative projects, on a poorly attended one-day arts event that local artists reportedly dubbed an “instant noodle project”. Lim said a fraction of that amount, or RM2 million, would have [...]

Guan Eng: royal commission on IPPs, PPAs

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 02:55 AM PDT

Malaysiakini Jun 12, 11 DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has challenged the BN-led foreign government to set up a royal commission of inquiry into the issue of independent power producers and the related matter of power purchase agreements (PPA). In this way, all PPAs and other PPAs would be disclosed and it could be determined [...]

Cabinet forms panel to study power deals

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 02:40 AM PDT

The Malaysian Insider Jun 12, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — Following growing calls for power purchasing agreements to be reviewed, Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah today announced that a Cabinet committee has been formed to evaluate the matter. "The committee will study various aspects (of power supply) and not just the [independent power producers] [...]

In ‘Mat Sabu sex scandal’, PAS chiefs scent Umno fear

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 02:32 AM PDT

By Boo Su-Lyn The Malaysian Insider Jun 12, 2011 Mat Sabu has been described as the engine that will drive PAS forward. — file picKUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — PAS leaders are accusing Umno of being behind a sex video implicating Mohamad Sabu, saying it reflected the ruling Malay party's desperation to find issue with [...]

Utusan says Bersih dirty, calls for boycott

Posted: 12 Jun 2011 02:20 AM PDT

By Shannon Teoh The Malaysian Insider Jun 12, 2011 KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia has called on Malaysians not just to boycott next month's Bersih rally, but also to gather against the movement that calls for free and fair elections. The paper's Mingguan Malaysia weekend edition also told Malaysians "who love peace [...]

What is the rationale and status of Bank Negara’s proposed merger between RHB Capital with Maybank or CIMB Group to create Southeast Asia’s biggest bank?

Posted: 11 Jun 2011 11:29 PM PDT

As Finance Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak should present a ministerial statement in Parliament tomorrow on the rationale and status of Bank Negara's proposed merger between RHB Capital with Maybank or CIMB Group to create Southeast Asia's biggest bank. The top regional banks in Asean include three Singapore banks DBS Group Holdings Ltd, Oversea-Chinese Banking [...]


Posted: 12 Jun 2011 01:15 PM PDT


Why RM 50million worth of state land meant for Government Servants given to private developers?

Posted: 11 Jun 2011 07:15 PM PDT

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