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Anwar Ibrahim

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 07:11 PM PDT

Anwar Ibrahim

Judicial process and timing in Anwar’s case implies persecution not prosecution, says Bar Council

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 05:32 AM PDT


The charge against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the manner in which his appeal was handled fuels the perception that the opposition leader was persecuted and not prosecuted, the Bar Council said.

Malaysian Bar president Christopher Leong (pic) said that in the first place, the archaic provision under the Penal Code which criminalises sodomy and oral sex should never have been brought against Anwar.

“The case has unnecessarily taken up judicial time and public funds, and has muddied the waters of our justice system.

“We also have grave misgivings with respect to the manner and timing in which the appeal was handled, especially over the way in which mitigation and sentencing proceeded,” Leong said.

The Court of Appeal had found Anwar guilty of sodomy on Friday, overturning the Kuala Lumpur High Court’s January 2012 decision that had found him innocent.

Leong, in a statement today, said that Anwar’s legal team was notified on February 27 that substantive appeal would be heard on March 6 and 7, and that lawyer Karpal Singh only had seven days to prepare for a criminal appeal over a case that had gone through a lengthy trial and which involved 32 witnesses, including expert evidence.

According to Leong, prior to this, the Court of Appeal registry had informed Anwar’s lawyers to reserve April 7 to 10 as the proposed hearing dates, to which the team agreed.

However, these dates were abandoned and replaced with earlier dates.

“If this is true, it raises the question as to why the Court of Appeal brought forward the appeal to be heard when the April dates had been agreed on.

“After all the defendant was facing a possible 20-year jail term and the April dates would have given the legal team more time to prepare,” he said.

Leong further said that while the hearing of the appeal which extended until past 6pm was not unheard of, it was a rare occurrence.

Further to this, after hearing submissions on March 7, the court had taken approximately 90 minutes to consider before giving a unanimous decision in reversing the acquittal by the High Court.

The panel then rejected Karpal’s request for an adjournment to the following week for the mitigation and sentencing for the purpose of obtaining a medical report on Anwar and instead gave the legal team one hour to prepare.

The Court of Appeal then sentenced Anwar to five years jail that evening with proceedings ending only at 7pm.

“These matters raise many questions, cause much speculation, and lend to the perception that justice may have been hijacked, Leong said.

He said that questions that must be answered was whether the cause of justice was best served by the manner and timing in which this appeal was handled and whether the administration of justice was compromised or interfered with.

“Justice and independence are not only facts to be established, it is imperative that they are seen to be so established,” Leong said.

Anwar’s guilty verdict will backfire on Barisan, say analysts

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 05:31 AM PDT


The Court of Appeal's conviction of PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy and the five-year jail sentence meted out to him just four days before the Kajang by-election campaigning kicks off will result in a public backlash against Barisan Nasional (BN), political analysts said.

Professor Ahmad Atory Hussain, a political science lecturer from Universiti Sains Malaysia said the latest development was likely to deliver Pakatan Rakyat (PR) a bigger win in the state seat this time.

He said there is every possibility political parties from both sides of the divide will play on the sentiments of the people as they campaign towards polling day on March 23.

“It depends on how they campaign. It is all about the style of presentation and PR is very good at persuading the masses.

“With about 75% of Selangor voters supporting PR for two terms now, it is logical to conclude that the state seat will return to PKR with perhaps a bigger majority… it will be miraculous if BN can win it,” he told The Malaysian Insider yesterday after the appellate court overturned the High Court's acquittal of Anwar on a charge of sodomising his former aide six years ago.

Anwar was Pakatan Rakyat’s candidate after polls were triggered by the resignation of its assemblyman Lee Chin Cheh on January 27, but with his conviction, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli is widely tipped to run for the state seat.

Ahmad Atory said issues BN could use against PR include the internal strife plaguing the three component parties, which may not even be relevant or strong enough to change Kajang voters' minds.

He also said Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim will likely stay as head of government.

Khalid could possibly become PKR deputy president too, should he contest the post, he added.

“He may be more suitable for the post because he has had over a term in office as Menteri Besar to show his performance and he has delivered.

“People have seen what he can do and he has many supporters in Selangor. What has (PKR deputy president) Azmin Ali delivered so far as MP?" said Ahmad Atory.

“I foresee a tough fight involving personalities like Khalid, Azmin and party vice-president Tian Chua in the May party election,” he added.

Asked to comment on criticisms against the justice system following the Court of Appeal's verdict, Ahmad Atory said it would be unfair to write off the entire judiciary just because people disagreed with the decision of judges.

“I admit the people will perceive the judiciary negatively now but we have no way of knowing what happened,” he said.

Penang Institute fellow and political and social analyst Dr Wong Chin Huat told The Malaysian Insider in a text message that Anwar has become a “martyr and a symbol of BN tyranny”.

He said the government will see how angry the people are, with messages of “Reformase 2.0″ overflowing on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Last night PKR deputy president Azmin Ali declared the beginning of Reformasi 2.0 to hundreds of supporters who had converged at the party's election centre at Kampung Sungai Sekamat, Kajang, urging BN's ouster.

“PKR’s candidate will ride on the public opinion of anger and sympathy and if the right candidate is chosen for the Kajang by-election, BN may experience a humiliating defeat and even a lose its deposit,” Wong said.

Political analyst Khoo Kay Peng, concurred, describing Anwar’s conviction as a rallying point for PR, one that would tip the by-election in the opposition's favour.

“The conviction will be used as a focus point by Pakatan Rakyat. You can expect the coalition to be more vocal and stronger,” he said.

Anwar was found not guilty of sodomising Saiful in January 2012 at the end of the defence case. The prosecution filed an appeal against the decision, which led to the appellate court overturning the High Court's verdict on Friday.

Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim decision a “bleak day for justice” – Amnesty International

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 05:27 AM PDT

Amnesty International

7 March 2014

Malaysia: Anwar Ibrahim decision a "bleak day for justice"

The conviction of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim on charges of 'sodomy' should be quashed, Amnesty International said.

A court in Malaysia today overturned the acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim on politically motivated 'sodomy' charges. The court upheld a government appeal against a 2012 High Court decision that cleared Ibrahim of all charges, citing a lack of evidence.

"This is a bleak day for justice in Malaysia. Anwar Ibrahim has been consistently harassed by the authorities for years in a blatant attempt to silence one of the opposition's most important voices and bar him from participating in elections," said Hazel Galang-Folli, Amnesty International's Malaysia Researcher.

"Unfortunately this fits a broader pattern of severe restrictions on the right to freedom of expression in Malaysia. Opposition politicians, human rights defenders and civil society organizations are among those that have been targeted over the past year."

"The fact that the Malaysian authorities still consider 'sodomy' to be a crime is deeply disturbing in itself. The government must repeal the 'sodomy' law, a repressive statute that enables this kind of politically motivated persecution."

Laws criminalizing consensual sexual activity between adults of the same sex are contrary to international human rights law.

If Anwar Ibrahim is detained, Amnesty International would consider him a prisoner of conscience.

Anwar Ibrahim says sodomy conviction ‘orchestrated’ by Najib government

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 05:23 AM PDT

The Sydney Morning Herald

Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has accused Prime Minister Najib Razak's government of orchestrating his conviction and five-year jail sentence for sodomy and warned it would "face the wrath of the people".

"This is a travesty of justice," Anwar declared after the conviction was delivered amid uproar in Kuala Lumpur's Court of Appeal. “This has been choreographed.”

The verdict has inflamed tensions in the country after divisive and disputed elections last year and shattered Anwar's plans to take control of the country's richest state.

International human rights groups have condemned the four-year pursuit of 66-year-old Anwar on a rarely used colonial-era charge as politically motivated and a miscarriage of justice aimed at ending his political career.


The conviction, which Anwar has appealed, blocks him from contesting a by-election on March 23 for Selangor, the country’s most populous state, where he planned to become chief minister, providing a platform for him to launch a new bid to topple the government.

"It is a clear signal to the people of Malaysia that they [the government] are not interested in economic malaise but they are interested in killing their political opponents," Anwar said.

Earlier Anwar, a former finance minister and deputy prime minister, said there was "absolutely no case" for him to answer and "this is clearly seen to be political".

"You have got want you wanted," Anwar shouted to the judges after the unanimous verdict was announced.

Judges allowed bail of $2973 to be posted on Monday.

Anwar's 61-year-old wife Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, a leading opposition politician, wept in the packed court room and supporters chanted "reformation" and "free Anwar”.

Anwar has been a potent threat to the Barisan Nasional coalition that has ruled the country since its independence from Britain in 1957.

His opposition has made deep inroads into its parliamentary majority in the past two national elections, winning the most votes at elections last May but falling short of an historic victory because of a gerrymandered electoral system that favours Muslim voters in rural areas.

Anwar was arrested in 2008 on charges of having intercourse with a male aide.

He had already spent six years in jail on sodomy and corruption charges after he was sacked as deputy prime minister in 1998 and lost his status as heir apparent to then prime minister Mahathir Mohamad.

He was found guilty of the 2008 charge but, after a long series of delays, the High Court in January 2012 acquitted him after a judge found that crucial DNA evidence submitted by the prosecution might have been compromised.

Human rights groups condemned the decision by prosecutors to launch an appeal against the acquittal.

The crime that criminalises "carnal intercourse against the course of nature" provides punishment of up to 20 years.

But the United Nations Human Rights Committee has ruled it contravenes international legal standards and should be abolished.

The International Commission of Jurists condemned Anwar's conviction as a miscarriage of justice, saying it "casts doubts on the independence and impartiality of the Malaysian judiciary and tarnishes the reputation of the country's legal system".

The ICJ's observer at the court was its commissioner Justice Elizabeth Evatt, a former chief judge of Australia's Family Court.

A government spokesperson saidMalaysia had an independent judiciary.

"This is a case between two individuals and is a matter for the courts, not the government," the spokesperson said.

Malaysia's Lawyers for Liberty said the conviction on a "clearly trumped up and politically motivated charge" reaffirmed "the return of iron-fist authoritarian rule and Najib Razak's false reformist credentials".

Anwar's wheelchair-bound lawyer Karpal Singh, 73, who is also a leading opposition figure, was found guilty of sedition last month, a law the government had pledged to abolish in the run-up to the last election. He faces sentencing on March 11.

Phil Robertson, deputy director, Asia division of Human Rights Watch, said Anwar's trial "was all about knocking him out of politics and the government was prepared to do whatever it took to make that happen".



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Posted: 09 Mar 2014 08:20 AM PDT

Apo Kono Eh Jang!

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Posted: 09 Mar 2014 07:18 PM PDT



Posted: 09 Mar 2014 07:13 PM PDT

Ribuan penyokong dan pendokong keadilan sempat berhimpun di Stadium Kajang sebagai tanda solidariti terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
Ribuan penyokong dan pendokong keadilan sempat berhimpun di Stadium Kajang sebagai tanda solidariti terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Sokongan rakyat di Kajang jelas menunjukkan bahawa bahawa calon PR Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail akan menang besar pada PRK Kajang 26 Mac ini. Kebangkitan rakyat akan terus menyala, dan terus membara. Seluruh rakyat tanpa mengira bangsa akan bangkit menumbangkan BN dengan pukulan Knock Out pada 26 Mac ini.


Posted: 09 Mar 2014 07:04 PM PDT

N45 Dr Halimah Ali

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 10:29 AM PDT

N45 Dr Halimah Ali

MAHUKAH SELEBRITI membanting tulang mencorak iklim positif REM-BEL?

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Tidak hairanlah kenapa golongan remaja belia(REM-BEL) TIDAK suka ke masjid /surau. Mereka tidak gemar bergaul dengan orang dewasa yang memandang lekeh kepada mereka walhal hanya segelintir daripada mereka yang 'buat hal'!! Mereka pula yang terpalit lumpur!!

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Plight MH370 in flight to Beijing: ? Human Error, Structural Failure, Engine Failure, Avionic or Others

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 11:55 PM PST

UPDATE [2.05pm]: AFP reports that Vietnamese military has found a bigger and clearer oil slick, but nothing else =========================================================================

06:36 GMT - "Puzzled" - Malaysian Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya says the plane's systems would have set off alarm bells if it turned back.
"When there is an air turn-back the pilot would be unable to proceed as planned," he says, adding authorities are "quite puzzled" over the situation.

06:13 GMT - Cause - On the possible cause of the incident, Dunleavy says the airline "cannot make any assumptions about the root cause until we locate the aircraft."
"We will not know until we find the aircraft and find the black box."
Where the stolen passports are concerned he says the "airline itself cannot validate a passport we just need to check that when we see a passport it doesn't look like it's been forged, and it's got a legitimate visa."
"Airlines don't have access to national databases about passports, that would be a government investigation."

06:09 GMT - Airline defended - Hugh Dunleavy, commercial director for Malaysia Airlines, is speaking to reporters in Beijing and defending its response to the crisis which has come under attack from distraught relatives.
He says the airline has brought 92 people trained in dealing with stressful situations to Beijing.
"We came here as soon as we could. Even as we speak now we have not been able to locate the aircraft, so you can imagine four or five hours into the event you are much less certain of the information."
The airline will take relatives of the passengers to Malaysia, he said. "It's a decision for the families, if they want to go to Malaysia to be closer to the operations of the search and rescue activities we will take them there."
"The earliest they will depart will be tomorrow, before they can depart we've got to make sure they've got passports and visas."

06:06 GMT - Emotional scenes - Tom Hancock in Beijing reports emotional scenes at the Lido Hotel, where relatives continue to arrive from across China, hugging their loved ones, with some crying.

06:02 GMT - Turned back - Malaysia's air force chief, General Rodzali Daud, citing radar data, says authorities are looking into the "possibility" the plane had attempted to turn back.
"There is a distinct possibility the airplane did a turn-back, deviating from the course."
"One of the possibilities is that it was returning to Kuala Lumpur."

06:01 GMT - Summary - As the search continues a quick summary of events in the last few hours:
Malaysia has launched a terror probe and is investigating four people as it emerges at least two passengers boarded using stolen European passports.
The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is sending agents and technical experts to assist the probe.
Relatives of the 153 Chinese nationals on board, now camped out at the main international airport in Beijing, bemoan the lack of news.
Vietnamese boats reached the scene of two large oil slicks detected overnight but found no sign of the plane, while the search area has been expanded to 10,000 square kilometres (3,900 square miles.)
However, Azharuddin Abdul Rahman of Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation says he cannot "confirm" the existence of the oil slicks.
Malaysia Airlines says it is "fearing for the worst," and urged "all Malaysians and people around the world to pray for flight MH370."
China, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore have all sent vessels and aircraft and the US Navy has sent a surveillance plane and a destroyer carrying two helicopters.

05:45 GMT - Bigger slick - An unanmed Vietnamese military official at the Ho Chi Minh City military air base, who is helping to co-ordinate search efforts, says the oil slick "was bigger and clearer today."
"The weather is good this morning so search and rescue teams saw the oil more clearly. But they didn't see anything else," says the officer, who was not on the plane but had received reports from his staff.

05:34 GMT - Recovery specialist - Malaysia Airlines says it "is continuously working with the authorities in providing assistance. In fearing for the worst, a disaster recovery management specialist from Atlanta, USA will be assisting Malaysia Airlines in this crucial time."

05:28 GMT - Search area - The search area has been expanded to 10,000 square kilometres (3,900 square miles), Vietnam's Civil Aviation Department says.

05:24 GMT - International effort - The plane's disappearance has triggered a search effort involving vessels from several nations with rival maritime claims in the tense South China Sea.
China, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore threw vessels and aircraft into the effort.
The United States also dispatched a destroyer, with two helicopters aboard, and a surveillance plane.

05:22 GMT - Oil slicks - During the initial search on Saturday Vietnam's military said two oil slicks had been spotted, but no debris.
"Two of our aircraft sighted two oil slicks around 15 to 20 kilometres (10-12 miles) long, running parallel, around 500 metres apart from each other," the Vietnam army's deputy chief-of-staff, Vo Van Tuan, told state-run VTV.
"We are not certain where these two oil slicks may have come from so we have sent Vietnamese ships to the area."
"I think the two oil slicks are very likely linked to the missing plane," Vice-Admiral Ngo Van Phat, who is helping to direct the search mission, told AFP.

05:18 GMT - Press - No sooner had relatives appeared at the Lido Hotel's restaurant than some members of the press hovered over their tables, even putting recorders on the table to try and tape conversations.

05:14 GMT - Hotel lunch - My colleague Tom Hancock Lido Hotel in Beijing where relatives are gathered, says some relatives have left their rooms to claim a buffet lunch at the hotel's restaurant.
A woman apparently in her twenties, wearing a bright pink jacket, clutched on to an elder woman's arm, sobbing gently as a hotel staff member assigned them a table.
A group of around seven people in bright blue jackets labelled 'special assitance team' are clustered at the entrance to the lunch area.

05:11 GMT - Lieutenant-General and Deputy-Chief General of Staff of Vietnamese Army, Vo Van Tuan, has told my colleague in Hanoi, Le Thang Long, the "biggest challenge for our research is to locate the position of the suspect site, especially during the night."
"That's why we have mobilized this morning a boat equipped with radar and equipment which can allow us to inspect under-water zones. I hope this will bring us new discoveries."

05:10 GMT - Passengers - The 153 Chinese passengers aboard the plane included an infant, while 38 Malaysians and seven Indonesians were aboard.
Six Australians, five Indians, four French nationals, and three Americans including an infant, were also among those listed and the Dutch Foreign Ministry said it believed one Dutch passenger was on the plane.

05:06 GMT - Relatives mourn - For the relatives of the 227 passengers -- including 153 Chinese nationals -- and 12 crew, there is little comfort.
Earlier Sunday the airline admitted: "It has been more than 24 hours since we last heard from MH370 at 1:30 am. The search and rescue team is yet to determine the whereabouts of the Boeing 777-200 aircraft."
It then urged "all Malaysians and people around the world to pray for flight MH370."

04:55 GMT - Search goes on - Rescuers are still hunting for the whereabouts of the twin-engine plane which mysteriously disappeared from radar screens somewhere between Malaysia's east coast and southern Vietnam.
Flight MH370 sent no distress signal or reports of rough weather, or other signs of trouble, and both Malaysia's national carrier and the Boeing 777-200 model used on the route are known for their solid safety records.
But about one hour into the flight, it dropped from radar screens.
Adding to the mystery are the two passengers who appear to have been using stolen EU passports.
An Austrian, named in reports as Christian Kozel, had his passport pinched in Thailand in 2012, while Italian Luigi Maraldi, 37, had his stolen last year, also in Thailand, officials and sources have said.
Despite their names being on the passenger manifest, neither man was on the flight.
FBI join investigation

04:52 GMT - US built - The US National Transportation Safety Board could also send a team to join the investigation because the plane was built in the US by Boeing, according to the FBI official.

04:50 GMT - Passports - The stolen passports used by two passengers on the plane are believed to have come from an Italian and an Austrian.
But a Department of Homeland Security official told the media that "just because they were stolen doesn't mean the travelers were terrorists. They could have been nothing more than thieves. Or they could have simply bought the passports on the black market."

04:48 GMT - Video scan - The FBI official stressed there was "no evidence" of terrorism thus far, but added FBI personnel will help review video from the Kuala Lumpur airport for images of passengers at the ticket counter, security sections and the boarding area.
The agents can then use counterterrorism technology to find any possible matches with known members of Al-Qaeda or other terror groups.

04:46 GMT - FBI involved - Earlier US media reported the FBI is sending agents and technical experts to assist in the investigation of the missing plane that had several Americans aboard.
US officials told The Los Angeles Times they are trying to determine whether there was any terror link to what caused Flight 370 to go missing as it carried 239 people from Kuala Lumpur toward Beijing.
"But so far, what happened is a mystery," an official told the newspaper.

04:41 GMT - Terror link - The minister says Malaysia is probing "four names" over airline security fears.

04:33 GMT - WELCOME TO AFP's LIVE REPORT as Malaysia looks at a possible terror link in the disappearance of an airliner believed to have gone down in the sea with 239 people aboard.
The country's transport minister, Hishammuddin Hussein, says Malaysian security agencies are investigating after it was discovered that two passengers may have boarded missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 using stolen passports, raising fears of potential terrorism.
"At the same time our own intelligence have been activated, and of course, the counterterrorism units... from all the relevant countries have been informed."
UPDATE [1.20pm]:  Department of Civil Aviation clarifies earlier statement by the Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, saying only two – not four – passengers had boarded the flight using stolen passports.
CCTV footage shows the two individuals from the check-in point to departure. Footage will be used for investigations.
Malaysia Airlines says a portion of the aircraft wingtip had been repaired by Boeing and was certified safe to fly. They dismissed the possibility of a technical problem and any form of threat prior to this.
A Malaysian military radar showed trace of flight MH370 turning back before it vanished although the pilots did not issue any distress signals.

UPDATE [11.37am]: Malaysian is probing a possible terror link in the disappearance of MH370 and local authorities are working with international intelligence and counter-terrorism units. Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein says he has met with officers from the FBI.
The names of the four passengers said to be traveling on fake passports have been sent to local intelligence. The entire passenger manifest will be probed.
Singapore has deployed three vessels to aid in search and rescue. Hishammuddin says MH370 may have made an 'air turn back'. No Malaysian submaries will be deployed as they are not 'equipped for search and rescue' Hishammuddin said.

UPDATE [10.15am]: CNN's Christine Amanpour reported that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is sending its agents to Malaysia "to support the investigation into the disappearance of Flight MH370".

UPDATE [9.55am]: An aviation lawyer said the lack of warnings about a problem aboard the flight suggests a catastrophic failure, possibly due to lack of pressurisation or electrical failure.
UPDATE [9.12am]: Department of Cvil Aviation says overnight search and rescue found no sign of aircraft wreckage.  Plane did not any signs of anomaly before contact loss. Mission enters day two with three aircrafts.
Authorities have yet to confirm the identities of two more European passengers on flight MH370 using stolen passports, bringing the total to four suspect identities allegedly onboard.

UPDATE [8.30am]: Bernama reports the Department of Civil Aviation will extend the search and rescue operation to the Straits of Malacca, Malaysian authorities are now awaiting the latest satellite imagery for any signs of wreckage from flight MH370.

UPDATE [7:20am]: Round-up of the first 30 hours, including background, relatives' reactions and social media chatter.

UPDATE [6:02am]: Associated Press runs an analysis on why MH370 could've disappeared. Experts assume that whatever happened was quick and left no time for pilots to react. Read the

UPDATE [5:31am]: This video was taken in Beijing a few hours ago. Relatives of flight MH370 passengers are not happy with the way the incident is being handled.

UPDATE [4:25am]: Malaysia Airlines 'Go Team' of volunteers have arrived in Beijing to provide support for family members of passengers. They left Malaysia at 4:25pm on Saturday, March 8.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Airlines has confirmed that they will bear all the costs of flying the relatives of the flight MH370 passengers to the location once the plane is found.
UPDATE [2:53am]: The New Straits Times reports that Malaysia's Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) will be searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 plane off the coast of Kelantan. The search operations come after a small piece of canvas was found by personnel involved in the search and rescue operations.

Good weather permitting, the MMEA will expand its areas of search. It has covered a 50 nautical mile radius from MH370's last known location since beginning operations at 11:30am on Saturday.
UPDATE [2:24am]: Singapore's Straits Times reports that the two imposters on MH370, who were using stolen passports, bought their tickets from China Southern Airlines, which code shares the KL-Beijing route with Malaysian Airlines.
UPDATE [1:49am]: The air search for flight MH370 has been suspended for the night. Ships, however, will continue the search mission.

Meanwhile, families of passengers, who were told to prepare their travel documents, have been put up at a hotel near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.
UPDATE [12:08am]: Authorities are looking into claims that two foreigners were travelling aboard the MH370 flight with stolen passports. According to several foreign news reports, Italian Luigi Maraldi and Austrian Christian Kozel, both had their passports stolen some time ago.
The Department of Civil Aviation's director-general Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the airport authorities have examined security footage of the passengers and the baggage.

"This is an issue of security. So far we are satisfied," he said.

UPDATE [11:38pm]: Conspiracy theories abound around the MH370 disappearance. Authorities refuse to confirm or deny if a passenger was travelling aboard the plane with a stolen passport.
Search and rescue ships from Vietnam are expected to reach the suspected crash site anytime now.

UPDATE [10:52pm]: The search for MH370 will continue into the night, say authorities. The Transport Ministry and the Department of Civil Aviation said the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) are "committed" to continue plying the inky waters between Malaysia and Vietnam until rescue efforts are officially called off.
UPDATE [10:22pm]: Ships from Vietnam are about 130km from the site. Reports say they will reach in 1 1/2 to 2 hours time.

UPDATE [10:04pm]: About 20 top management staff from semiconductor company Freescale Semiconductor were among 38 Malaysians onboard MAS flight MH370. The team comprising senior managers and managers were on their way to China to undergo a month-long course in Beijing.

UPDATE [9:41pm]: Vietnam Television Station, Tuoi Tre News, VNExpress – 3 big news agencies said that:
• 4:30 PM, an AN26 aircraft detected a sign similar to oil streaks 20km in the sea. This oil streak is managed by VN.
• Then, AN26 aircraft spotted a smoke from the sea but not clearly defined. 5:20 PM, AN26 aircraft found that smoke is another oil streak, near Tho Chu islands of VN.
• VN Navy ships are trying to approach 2 oil streaks.
• Maybe at midnight, VN Navy ships can approach the oil streaks.

UPDATE [9:24pm]: Vietnam air force planes spotted a 20km-long oil slick suspected to be from missing Malaysian jetliner, according to Lai Xuan Thanh, the director of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam.
Anxiety builds up among families of the MH370 flight, after 18 hours of the initial notification.
UPDATE [7:20pm]:Highlights from MH370 press conference, attended by PM Najib Razak:
1. Vietnam navy confirms no evidence of wreckage.
2. 15 aircraft, close to 10 ships in search and rescue operations.
3. Search area expanded within South China Sea. Help from USA, China, Singapore & Vietnam.
4. Najib says satelite imagery cannot be used as it cannot detect anything below water surface.
5. Aircraft manufacturers and FAA have offered help.
6. Najib says rescue operations will continue for as long as it takes.
7. Najib spoke to Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and sent his condolences as 153 passengers were Chinese nationals. The Premier says China will help in rescue operations.
8. MAS will arrange flights for family members to Beijing if requested, and for Chinese nationals to Kuala Lumpur.
9. Najib requests that the public do not indulge in speculation. "We can't make conclusions, we are investigating all theories".
10. Dept of Civil Aviation received a call when MH370 went missing at 2.40am; Vietnam airport authorities acknowledged the plane entered its airspace at 1.30am before subsequently losing contact.

UPDATE [6:45pm]: Chinese relatives of passengers are furious at Malaysia Airlines for keeping them in the dark.
"There's no one from the company here, we can't find a single person. They've just shut us in this room and told us to wait," said one middle-aged man, who declined to give his name.
Another relative, trying to evade a throng of reporters, muttered: "They're treating us worse than dogs."
UPDATE [6:24pm]: No sign of wreckage was found off the coast of Malaysia. Earlier, an orange speck was seen where the last signal came from, but a vessel despatched to the location reported that it was nothing.
Kuching Police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad said his niece was a passenger on the MH370 flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.
UPDATE [6:15pm]: Countries across South-East Asia have launched air and sea search operations to find the missing MH370 plane. It's exact location remains a mystery as it relayed no distress signal, indications of rough weather, or other signs of trouble.
Mohd Lokman Hamid, the younger brother of passengers Norli Akmar Hamid  said that he only found out about the news via Facebook.
UPDATE [4:41pm]: Tempers flare. AFP reports that an elderly man, believed to be a family member of one of the passengers of flight MH370, punched a cameraman as he was trying to film events at the Beijing airport.

In Malaysia, 56-year-old Hamid Ramlan fears the worst as he awaits news on the fate of his daughter and son-in-law, who were both on the flight.
UPDATE [4:33pm]: Malaysia Airlines CEO says 80 percent of the family members of the people on board flight MH370 have been contacted. 
Meanwhile, acting Malaysian Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein that the authorities were slow to report on the missing Malaysia Airlines place. 

UPDATE [3:39pm]: 68-year-old Hajjah Puteh Haji Idris, from Kajang, is in tears. Her daughter-in-law, Nor Fadzillah Mat Rahim, 37, was on flight MH370. Hajjah Puteh received a call from MAS at 6.30am.
" My daughter-in-law was traveling to Beijing for work. She has four kids and I pray that she is safe. She is the best daughter-in-law," she said.

Nor Fadzillah's husband will be at the airport at 6pm to assist in search and rescue.
Members of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Organisation, seen dressed in white pants and dark blue shirts, have been going in and out of the holding area. One member said they were providing counseling for the grief-stricken families. UPDATE [3:03pm]: At KLIA, the brother of a passenger says relatives are being told to bring a valid passport because they need to 'travel to the crash site'. Relatives have to be at KLIA before 6pm with valid passports for MAS to make 'travel arrangements'.

Police are escorting grief-stricken relatives out of the holding room. Many are distraught and in tears.

UPDATE [2:36pm]: Malaysian Transport Minister Hishamuddin Hussein denies reports that signal from aircraft has been received in the south of Vietnam. He says the government has no information of any wreckage at the moment, but 'are looking at all possibilities'.
The Malaysian government has dispatched a plane, two helicopters and four vessels to search seas off its east coast in the South China Sea. The Philippines also sends three navy patrol boats and a surveillance plane.

AFP, in its live report, has several airline safety experts speaking about Malaysia Airlines' safety record.
Malaysia Airlines says all other flights will proceed as usual, for now.

UPDATE [2:13pm]: MH370 has been removed from the arrivals board at the Beijing airport. Local media report that the passengers included 24 Chinese artists on their way back from an art exhibition in Malaysia.

UPDATE [2:06pm]: Members of the media have been barred from entering a special holding area for families of passegers and crew of flight MH370 at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Meanwhile, politician Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin is being slammed for an insensitive tweet about a 'new Bermuda triangle'.
UPDATE [12:37]: Tuoi Tre, a leading daily in Vietnam, reports that the Vietnamese Navy has confirmed the plane crashed into the ocean.  According to Navy Admiral Ngo Van Phat, Commander of the Region 5, military radar recorded that the plane crashed into the sea at a location 153 miles South of Phu Quoc island.
When contacted, Malaysia Airlines declined to confirm or deny the reports, saying that the Malaysian authorities are working together with the Vietnamese government on the matter.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera reports that China has dispatched two maritime rescue ships to help locate the missing plane.

UPDATE [12:01]: Altogether, 239 passengers & crew, from 14 different nationalities, including two infants. Passengers were from:
1.    China - 152 plus 1 infant
2.    Malaysia - 38
3.    Indonesia - 12
4.    Australia - 7
5.    France - 3
6.    United States of America - 3 plus 1 infant
7.    New Zealand - 2
8.    Ukraine - 2
9.    Canada - 2
10.  Russia - 1
11.  Italy - 1
12.  Taiwan - 1
13.  Netherlands - 1
14.  Austria - 1

The flight was piloted by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a Malaysian aged 53. He has a total flying hours of 18,365 hours.

He joined Malaysia Airlines in 1981. First officer, Fariq Ab.Hamid, a Malaysian, is aged 27. He has a total flying hours of 2,763 hours. He joined Malaysia Airlines in 2007.

UPDATE [11:32am]: VN Express, Vietnam's largest news site, reports that Vietnam Emergency Rescue Center just announced it has found signal of the missing plane at 9.50am 120 miles South West of Ca Mau cape, the Southern-most point of Vietnam.

The signal is believed to be the ELT (Emergency Locator Transmittor) , which can be activated manually by the flight crew or automatically upon impact.
A Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China has gone missing, the airline said.
Earlier this morning, MAS confirmed that flight MH370 had lost contact with the Subang Air Traffic Control at 2.40am today (March 8th, 2014)
Flight MH370, operated on the B777-200 aircraft, departed Kuala Lumpur at 12.41am and was expected to land in Beijing at 6.30am the same day. The flight was carrying a total number of 227 passengers (including 2 infants), 12 crew members.
Malaysia Airlines is currently working with the authorities who have activated their Search and Rescue team to locate the aircraft.
MAS Operations Control Vice President Fuad Sharuji said they 'have no idea where the aircraft is right now'.

Source: Yahoo Newsroom


Posted: 09 Mar 2014 10:24 AM PDT


Satu Usrah Satu Cawangan

Posted: 08 Mar 2014 06:30 PM PST

Idris Hj Ahmad

Usrah merupakan satu nizam yang penting di dalam tarbiah Pas. Selain daripada usrah, ialah tamrin, liqa' al-Fikri, Majlis Ilmu, Daurah Tadribiah, Nadwah, Rehlah, Mukhayam, Qiamullail, Riadah. Kesemua program ini mesti digarap oleh semua ahli Pas supaya tidaklah mereka menyertai Pas hanya dari segi isi borang sahaja, sedangkan pemikiran dan tingkah laku tidak berubah. Perkara ini tidak sepatutnya berlaku. Biarlah apabila menjadi ahli Pas, dia perlu berubah dalam semua perkara, walau pun memakan masa yang lama.

Usrah yang berasal dari perkataan Arab yang membawa maksud keluarga adalah merupakan satu medan di mana ahlinya bersama menjalani satu proses pembentukan yang dibina di atas semangat al-ukhuwwah al-Islamiyah.
Usrah mesti diwujudkan di dalam setiap cawangan untuk memastikan Pas dapat memenuhi ciri-ciri Gerakan Islam dan Gerakan Politik. Ini adalah satu kelainan dengan jamaah lain kerana Pas juga merupakan gerakan politik, dua perkara ini mesti diseimbangkan.

Setiap cawangan Pas mesti menjalankan aktiviti Usrah, ia boleh dilakukan rumah ahli Pas secara bergilir. Buat permulaan laksanakan sebulan sekali. Kenapa buat di rumah ahli tidak di markaz?. Jawapannya supaya program usrah dan ziarah boleh disekalikan. Maklumlah semua di kalangan ahli Pas sentiasa sibuk, tidak ada masa untuk ziarah menziarahi antara satu sama lain. Apabila usrah dibuat di rumah setiap ahli, maka secara tidak langsung program ziarah berjalan secara serentak. Tujuannya supaya kita dapat memerhati suasana rumah ahli Pas. Kadang-kadang ahli Pas yang kita temui di markaz tidak sama dengan hakikat yang sebenar. Ada di kalangan ahli Pas yang cukup dhaif, tetapi mempunyai semangat dan jiwa yang kental. Wajahnya tidak menunjukkan beliau seorang yang susah, sentiasa ceria dalam hidup. Tidak pernah ponteng program parti. Tidak pernah mengeluh apabila di beri arahana. Dengan kehadiran ahli Pas ke rumahnya, terutama pemimpin, wakil rakyat Pas, secara tidak langsung akan menyentuh kalbu kita apabila melihat rumah ahli Pas yang dhaif tetapi istiqamah di dalam perjuangan.

Kebaikan usrah buat di rumah, kita juga dapat memerhatikan rumah tangga ahli Pas, samaada menepati dengan rumah tangga Islam atau tidak. Kita boleh perhatikan anak isterinya menutup aurat atu tidak. Setengahnya kita berjumpa di luar rumah lain dengan keadaan beliau berada di rumah. Kita mungkin terkejut apabila melihat isteri dan anaknya tidak menutup aurat, sedangkan suaminya berjubah dan berserban. Semuanya tidak akan kita ketahui melainkan apabila kita ziarah rumah sahabat secawangan.

Perlu kita sedar bahawa kekuatan Pas terletak di cawangan, bukan di kawasan, negeri atau pusat. Hebat macam mana sekali pun Tuan Guru Nik Aziz dan Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang tidak ada makna, jika di peringkat akar umbinya lemah. Dua Tuan Guru tidak tahu secara ditil kekuatan atau kelemahan Pas, begitu juga kekuatan atau kelemahan parti lawan. Maklumat ini hanya boleh disampai oleh cawangan kepada pimpinan tertinggi. Pimpinan tertinggi tidak boleh merancang strategi jika tidak mempunyai maklumat yang disampai oleh ahli peringkat cawangan. Apabila usrah berjalan di peringkat cawangan maklumat ini senang diperolehi, contohnya cula setiap lokaliti hanya akan diketahui oleh ahli cawangan.

Kita boleh lihat cawangan yang aktif mengadakan usrah, ahlinya hidup damai dan bersatu padu. Masalah dalaman dapat dikurangkan, kerana sering bertemu. Anasir-anasir yang tidak baik untuk meruntuhkan jamaah dapat dihindarkan. Motivasi ahlinya tinggi kerana sering diberi semangat di dalam usrah. Inilah sebenarnya matlamat usrah, selain daripada membina peribadi dan fikrah. Menjadi kelaziman manusia akan bermotivasi apabila sering diperingatkan sesama sendiri. Biasalah, manusia yang hidup di dalam kelalaian mesti hidup di dalam suasana nasihat menasihati antara satu sama lain, maka usrah adalah salah satu caranya.

Saya yakin apabila usrah berjalan di peringkat cawangan, masalah kewangan akan dapat diatasi. Idea supaya setiap ahli Pas infaq setiap bulan seorang seringgit masih belum menjadi kenyataan. Kalau projek ini berjalan maka Pas akan dapat mengumpul hampir satu juta sebulan. Kenapa? Jawapannya ialah bagaimana mekanisme hendak dibuat. Jika hendak buat arahan potongan secara bulanan melalui bank agak tidak praktikal, kerana kos pengurusan tinggi. Lebih-lebih lagi bukan semua ahli Pas mempunyai akaun bank. Sudah tentulah usrah merupakan salah satu caranya.

Sebenarnya ahli Pas bukan kedekut hendak memberi kepada Pas. Kalau kedekut maka sudah pasti tidak ada markaz yang didirikan oleh ahli Pas dengan wang sendiri. Cuma mekanismanya yang tidak ada untuk pungut. Jika hendak suruh bendahari pergi memungut ke setiap rumah juga tidak praktikal. Kadang- kadang bendahari pergi ke rumah ahli, tetapi ahli tidak ada di rumah. Tetapi jika usrah berjalan, insyaAllah perkara ini dapat diatasi. Setiap ahli Pas akan bawa wang sewaktu mereka hadir ke usrah dan diberi kepada bendahari cawangan. Jika mereka terlupa mereka akan gandakan untuk bulan berikutnya. Jika usrah berjalan, idea untuk memungut sejuta sebulan menjadi kenyataan dengan setiap ahli infaq satu ringgit sebulan.

Lajnah ekonomi juga dapat menambahkan pendapatan cawangan. Contohnya setiap ahli diwajibkan membeli satu tiub ubat gigi dan satu kotak sabun basuh Hilal setiap bulan. Ini adalah barang keperluan yang mesti diguna oleh setiap ahli Pas. Jika hasil jualan dua barang ini memberi keuntungan seringgit, maka berapa banyak wang tabung cawangan akan diperolehi. Diandaikan ada 30 orang ahli Pas, maka cawangan akan memperolehi RM30 sebulan, setahun RM360, lima tahun RM1800. Apabila pilihanraya tidak timbul lagi masalah kewangan di setiap lokaliti dan Unit Peti Undi. Jom buat usrah sekarang.

Jika usrah berjalan soal menambah ahli akan dapat dilakukan. Misalnya setiap ahli Pas diarahkan mencari setahun seorang ahli baru. Ertinya setiap bulan sebelum memulakan usrah, naqib akan meminta borang keahlian daripada siapa yang membawa. Bulan hadapan akan diminta lagi. Secara tidak langsung ahli Pas akan berlumba-lumba untuk mencari ahli baru sebagaimana diarahkan oleh naqib. Begitu juga dengan daftar pemilih. Naqib akan pastikan nama anak-anak ahli yang cukup umur 21 tahun akan dimonitor di dalam usrah supaya mereka mendaftar anak dengan SPR.

Paling penting ialah kebajikan ahli akan terjamin. Perlu diingat politik orang kampung, politik masyarakat. Jika Pas boleh pastikan kenduri, sakit , meninggal mereka terbela maka mereka akan berani untuk mendekati Pas. Sebab itu kita lihat di tempat yang kuat Umno, Pas mendapat undi secara senyap kerana takut di pulau oleh Umno jika diketahui secara terang. InsyaAllah dengan usrah ada di cawangan soal kebajikan akan terpelihara. Apabila ada berita seorang ahli sakit, meninggal dan hendak buat kenduri terus dimaklum di dalam majlis usrah. Semua ahli akan mengambil perhatian dan tindakan untuk membantu. Inilah pentingnya usrah di dalam jamaah kita.

Timbul persoalan, bagaimana jika tidak ada naqib di dalam cawangan tersebut, atau naqib tidak datang apa yang perlu dilakukan?. Program usrah mesti diteruskan. Ketiadaan naqib jangan menjadi alasan untuk tidak ada usrah. Ahli boleh membaca Yasin, tahlil kemudian buat tazkirah. Bahan tazkirah boleh baca terus daripada penulisan Tuan Guru di dalam Harakah atau mana- mana buku yang difikir sesuai. Kemudian bincang program yang akan dilaksanakan di cawangan atau kawasan. Hebahkan kepada semua ahli jika ada majlis kenduri yang memerlukan pertolongan daripada ahli cawangan. Atau makluman mengenai ahli yang sakit untuk diziarahi samaada di hospital atau di rumah.

Makanan biarlah disediakan oleh cawangan, bukannya oleh tuan rumah. Pengalaman yang saya perhatikan usrah di cawangan mati, apabila tuan rumah tidak sanggup menyediakan jamuan. Tetapi apabila cawangan sendiri yang menyediakan jamuan, insyaAllah semuanya sanggup untuk menyediakan rumahnya sebagai tempat usrah. InsyaAllah jika usrah dijalankan di peringkat cawangan Pas akan kukuh samaada dari segi pembinaan fikrah, peribadi dan jamaah. Jom kita buat usrah di cawangan masing-masing. Setelah buat mesti ada kelainanya. Cuba dulu baru tahu.

Posted via Blogaway

Posted via Blogaway

Jasindaily Online

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 10:16 AM PDT

Jasindaily Online

Arahan Solat Hajat Mohon Keselamatan & Kejayaan Operasi Menyelamat Pesawat MAS Hilang

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 07:06 AM PDT

Dewan Ulamak PAS Pusat berkongsi kesedihan dan kebimbangan ahli keluarga terhadap status keselamatan 239 penumpang MAS MH370 dengan Boeing 777-200 menuju ke Beijing dari Kuala Lumpur yang terputus hubungan dengan menara kawalan 2.40 pagi tadi. Untuk itu Dewan Ulamak PAS Pusat mengarahkan seluruh ahli Dewan Ulamak memimpin solat hajat bersama masyarakat selepas isya' malam ini memohon kepada Allah keselamatan dan kejayaan operasi mencari pesawat yang hilang. Dalam masa yang sama Dewan Ulamak mengharapkan seluruh ahli keluarga yang terlibat sama ada rakyat Malaysia atau rakyat asing bersabar atas ujian yang berlaku. 

 Dato Dr Mohd Khairuddin Aman Razali at-Takiri
 Ketua Penerangan Dewan Ulamak PAS Pusat

Siasat Segera Pembolosan Pasport Palsu

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 07:03 AM PDT

KUALA LUMPUR 9 MAC: Naib Presiden PAS, Datuk Mahfuz Omar mencadangkan penubuhan jawatankuasa khas atau Suruhanjaya Diraja bagi menyiasat kes dua penumpang MH370 yang menggunakan pasport palsu. Mahfuz OmarBeliau berkata, Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) dan pihak imigresen perlu memberikan penjelasan berhubung kes tersebut kerana menimbulkan persepsi negatif khususnya dalam kalangan masyarakat antarabangsa. 

"Jawatankuasa khas atau Suruhanjaya Diraja perlu ditubuhkan segera bagi menyiasat kes keselamatan ini. Bagaimana mereka boleh bolos dalam keadaan pemeriksaan imigresen dan pihak penerbangan yang ketat. 

"Isu pembolosan ini isu besar, jadi imigresen dan KDN perlu memberikan penjelasan supaya tidak timbul spekulasi yang memburukkan lagi keadaan. "Kita tidak mahu wujudkan spekulasi tetapi mungkin berlaku rampasan pesawat atau sesuatu berlaku dalam pesawat? Ini memerlukan penyiasatan," katanya ketika ditemui pada persidangan wakil rakyat PAS (Perwira 2014), di sebuah hotel dekat sini hari ini. Sebelum ini, Pemangku Menteri Pengangkutan, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein mengesahkan bahawa empat penumpang MH370 yang masih hilang menggunakan pasport palsu. Bagaimanapun, Jabatan Penerbangan Awam (DCA) semalam mengesahkan hanya dua pasport palsu digunakan penumpang MH370. Sambil mengucapkan takziah dan melahirkan rasa simpati kepada keluarga 239 penumpang termasuk 12 anak kapal, Mahfuz menyeru rakyat Malaysia mengadakan solat hajat dan berdoa agar usaha pencarian dipermudahkan.

 "Kita tidak tahu apa yang terjadi cuma kita jangan berhenti berdoa agar kesemua penumpang ditemui walau dalam apa jua keadaan dan usaha pihak penyelamat berjalan lancar. "Kepada orang Islam, mari kita sama-sama lakukan solat hajat agar dipermudahkan segala urusan dalam kes ini," katanya seperti dilapor Harakahdaily. MH307 yang berlepas dari KLIA pada jam 12.41 pagi menuju ke Beijing dilaporkan hilang dua jam selepas penerbangan./

Pesawat hilang: Mursyidul Am PAS rakam simpati

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 07:01 AM PDT

KOTA BHARU: Mursyidul Am PAS, Tuan Guru Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, memohon semua keluarga mangsa bersabar menerima berita kehilangan pesawat MH370 milik negara. Ketika dihubungi beliau turut bersimpati dengan nasib mangsa serta keluarga yang terlibat. Menurut Tuan Guru lagi, di atas dunia ini tidak ada tempat yang selamat sama ada di jalanraya, di darat, laut atau udara.
"Malah pejalan kaki juga kena rempuh walaupun dia tidak berada dalam kenderaan atau sebagainya. "Kerana itu Islam menggalakkan kita sentiasa berdoa sebagaimana Rasulullah ajar setiap kali kita ingin turun tangga untuk keluar dari rumah," nasihat beliau. Tambahnya, sekiranya doa itu dimakbulkan Allah, mereka yang membacanya bebas dari sebarang musibah. Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz turut menasihati keluarga mangsa agar terus berdoa dan menerima sebarang ketentuan Allah SWT./Hrkh

Dr Wan Azizah calon KEADILAN DUN Kajang

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 06:59 AM PDT

KAJANG, 9 MAC: Presiden KEADILAN, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail diumum sebagai calon bari bagi pilihan Raya Kecil DUN Kajang. IMG_2486Beliau akan menggantikan Ketua Umum, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang hilang kelayakan untuk bertanding di kerusi itu selepas dijatuhi hukuman penjara lima tahun oleh mahkamah rayuan.

 Perkara itu dinyatakan Anwar dalam satu sidang media di Kajang, hari ini. Dalam sidang media yang sama, Wan Azizah mengingatkan rakyat Malaysia agar tidak terkesan dengan tekanan yang diberikan oleh Umno BN, susulan hukuman penjara yang dijatuhkan ke atas Anwar. "Saya berterima kasih atas kepercayaan dan amanah yang telah dipertanggungjwab kepada saya," 

"Saya akan membawa suara rakyat kerana saya mewakili rakyat biasa juga yang melihat ketidakadilan ini, saya ajak semua rakyat Malaysia bersama dengan beri satu mesej yang jelas (kepada Umno BN). "Kita tidak boleh terus ditindas oleh ketidakadilan walaupun mereka nak jatuhkan, menguburkan niat kita untuk bawa malaysia yang lebih baik. "Mari kita bersama, jangan berundur, kita teruskan perjuangan," katanya. Sidang media tersebut turut dihadiri pengarah pilihanraya Pas, Dr Hatta Ramli dan penasihat DAP, Lim kit Siang. Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya menetapkan tarkh 11 Mac sebagai penamaan calon manakal 23 Mac depan sebagai tarikh pembuangan undi.

Dewan Pemuda PAS Bagan Datoh

Posted: 09 Mar 2014 08:36 AM PDT

Dewan Pemuda PAS Bagan Datoh


Posted: 09 Mar 2014 04:01 AM PDT