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My journey - Wong Hon Wai 黃漢偉

Posted: 17 Sep 2011 07:17 AM PDT

My journey - Wong Hon Wai 黃漢偉

Ucapan di Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism 2011

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 08:53 PM PDT

Ucapan YB Wong Hon Wai, Pengerusi Lembaga Muzium dan Balai Seni Lukis Pulau Pinang merangkap EXCO Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang (Perancang Bandar & Desa, Perumahan dan Kesenian) di Exhibition MCAT di No57, Jalan Macalister pada 17 September 2011


1. YB Dato Dr James Dawos Mamit, Timbalan Menteri Pelancongan Malaysia yang juga Ahli Parlimen Mambong, Sarawak.

2. Profesor Madya Hasnul Jamal Saidon, Pengarah Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah, Universiti Sains Malaysia.

3. Puan Haryany binti Mohamad, Kurator Muzium dan Balai Seni Lukis Pulau Pinang

4. Ahli-Ahli Lembaga Muzium dan Balai Seni Lukis Pulau Pinang,

5. Yang Dihormati Wakil-Wakil Agensi-Agensi Kerajaan,

6. Dif-Dif Kehormat, Tuan-Tuan & Puan-Puan yang saya hormati sekalian.

Salam Sejahtera kepada semua dan Salam Hari Malaysia,

1. Malaysia Contermporary Art Tourism 2011 (MCAT 2011) merupakan kerjasama antara Kementerian Pelancongan Malaysia, Tourism Penang bersama Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah (MGTF) dan Lembaga Muzium Negeri Pulau Pinang.

2. Aktiviti ini disokong oleh 20 buah galeri seni yang terdapat disekitar Pulau Pinang antaranya Balai Seni Lukis Negeri Pulau Pinang (BSLNPP), Rozana's Fine Art, Island Gallery , 3Quarters-Studio dan A2 Gallery.

3. Selaku Pengerusi Lembaga Muzium dan Balai Seni Lukis Negeri, Saya berbesar hati bahawa Bangunan No.57, Jalan Macalister dipilih sebagai lokasi acara sambutan dan akan berlangsung selama 3 hari mulai 16hb. hingga 18hb. September 2011.

4. Antara aktiviti menarik yang diadakan ialah Art Race. Pengembaraan secara solo ke galeri-galeri seni yang mengambil bahagian dan mencari jawapan bagi setiap soalan yang dikemukakan serta mendapatkan cop galeri tersebut akan menguji pengetahuan para peserta berhubung dengan aktiviti kesenian di Pulau Pinang.

5. Salah satu hasil produk MCAT 2011 ialah satu peta tentang galeri-galeri seni lukis di Pulau Pinang. Galeri-galeri tersebut tertumpu di Bahagian Timur Laut, sekitar George Town Pulau Pinang. Kita juga lihat ada 2 buah galeri seni di Balik Pulau. Dan kita berharap peta ini dijadikan kompas di kalangan pelancong asing, pelancong tempatan malahan kepada orang awam sebagai satu panduan tentang peta kesenian di Pulau Pinang. Kita perlu mencari ikhtiar untuk mempromosikan artwork artist tempatan dan menggalakkan pelancong untuk membeli artwork tersebut. Ini salah satu cara untuk mempromosikan art tourism di Malaysia dan di Pulau Pinang.

6. Balai Seni Lukis Pulau Pinang merupakan Balai Seni Lukis Negeri yang paling aktif di Malaysia dengan 20 exhibition pada tahun ini sahaja dan di Pulau Pinang kita mempunyai kumpulan artist yang aktif.

7. Hasrat Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang ialah menjadikan negeri Pulau Pinang sebuah International City. Sebagai sebuah International city, Pulau Pinang perlu maju ke depan bukan sahaja daripada pencapaian ekonomi ataupun pelaburan asing. Ini hendaklah juga merangkumi pencapaian dari segi kebudayaan dan kesenian

8. .Jawaharlal Nehru, bekas Perdana Menteri India yang terkenal pernah berkata "Art galleries and museums in a great city are like windows which look out on the broader, richer and deeper things of life". Melalui balai-balai seni lukis dan muzium-muzium yang terdapat di sesebuah bandaraya, orang ramai dapat menghayati nilai-nilai murni dalam kehidupan secara menyeluruh dan mendalam. Malahan, pelawat asing juga dapat memahami kehidupan sesebuah bandaraya melalui karya-karya dan koleksi dalam balai seni lukis dan muzium di bandaraya tersebut

9. Setelah George Town dinobatkan sebagai Tapak Warisan Dunia UNESCO, usaha Kerajaan Negeri dari segi penonjolan kekuatan dari segi warisan, kebudayaan dan kesenian telah dirancakkan. Kerajaan Negeri telah menubuhkan George Town World Heritage Incorporated dan pelbagai inisiatif serta usaha telah dijalankan. Geore Town Festival juga telah dirayakan dengan meriahnya pada bulan Julai 2010 dan 2011. Lembaga Muzium dan balai Seni Lukis Pulau Pinang akan terus berusaha dengan semua pihak samada daripada pihak awam atau swasta untuk memainkan peranan aktif untuk menonjolkan kekuatan George Town sebagai Tapak Warisan Dunia UNESCO.

10. Saya juga mengalu-alukan kedatangan Timbalan Menteri Pelancongan Malaysia, Y.B. Dato' Dr. James Dawos Mamit ke Bagunan No.57, Jalan Macalister dan harap-harap kita dapat merancakkan aktiviti kesenian lagi di Pulau Pinang. Sekian Terima kasih.

Lim Kit Siang

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 11:49 PM PDT

Lim Kit Siang

It was People Power that finished off the ISA

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 08:12 PM PDT

Aliran Executive Committee Malaysia Day, 16 September 2011 Prime Minister Najib Razak’s announcement that the ISA and the Emergency Ordinance would be repealed has taken the nation by surprise. He also announced that Section 27 of the Police Act (on public assemblies) and the requirement for publishing permits to be renewed annually would be dropped. [...]

Peanuts, not sweeping reforms

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 10:51 AM PDT

by Kee Thuan Chye Free Malaysia Today September 16, 2011 Let's not be fooled, people. The changes Najib announced are merely cosmetic, and will have to be passed in Parliament first before they become effective. COMMENT PEANUTS. That's what Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's so-called "sweeping reforms" are. They hardly amount to a political transformation. [...]

Answering Jeffrey

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 10:29 AM PDT

By N H Chan In the recent article by Martin Jalleh dated 14 Sept 2011 entitled Chief Jester's Circus and Charade Comes to a Close (Part 2) which appeared in your blog, I find this comment from Jeffrey: The Ex judges that talked independent, don't forget that they do so only after they left office, [...]

Charles Santiago

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 11:21 PM PDT

Charles Santiago

Najib’s does a Houdini on democracy

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 10:35 PM PDT

Sourcec: Free Malaysia Today]

September 16, 2011

Without the specifics, Najib’s reform promises are nothing but mere hot talk, says Charles Santiago.


By Charles Santiago

I would not celebrate. Not just yet. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak's announcement to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA) is welcomed. But I would have been happier if it came with no catch.

Whichever way I look at the announcement, it is clearly a victory for the people – the thousands who took to the streets demanding that ISA be repealed, the detainees who fought for the archaic law to be abolished as it strips people off dignity and the human rights activists who worked tirelessly, denouncing the Act.

But Najib is replacing ISA with two new laws. We are unsure of the ambit of these laws and it's unclear if it would still make provisions for arbitrary arrests.

Whatever little we know now is enough to make me look at Najib's "greater democracy" speech with suspicion. And especially as the government is tinkering with the idea of bringing in an  Anti-Terrorism Act which would mirror the US Patriot Act.

In the US, this Act dramatically reduced restrictions on law enforcement agencies to search financial, business, medical and telephone records, expanded the powers of these agencies, gave the immigration wide discretion to detain and deport immigrants suspected of terrorism-related activities and conduct surveillance on individuals suspected of terrorist-related activities even though they are not linked to terrorist groups.

In short anyone and everyone suspected to be linked to terrorist organizations could be nabbed, humiliated, subjected to long-hours of interrogation and charged at the prerogative of the government. And all because terrorism is a sexy word and one that is used to bulldoze through a person's life.

Under the ISA, the Home Minister had the power to do just that. So where is the change, I am wondering.

Making it more difficult for media

And what media freedom exactly? As I look at it, the media organizations would still be under the watchful eye of Umno and the Barisan Nasional government.

Replacing a licence which needs yearly renewal to a one-off permit that could be revoked if the media organizations did not dance to the tune of the government does not amount to further freedom for the media workers.

In fact, Najib made it even more difficult for the media organizations as there is no way to challenge the Home Minister's decision to revoke a publishing licence.

In essence, it means that papers and TV channels would have to shut down if they wrote or reported on issues which the government is not happy about.

The premier, to make my suspicion worse, did not raise crucial provisions under the Sedition Act or Official Secrets Act. Both these laws limit the freedom of media workers.

Najib has promised amendments to Police Act to grant greater freedom of assembly but warned against street demonstrations. And we still need to write in for permits for peaceful rallies.

However hard I try, it's incredibly difficult to give credit to Najib's so-called slew of reforms for a better Malaysia. These policy changes are his boldest announcement since he came to power. In his speech Najib also said that heading towards a bolder democracy was risky but crucial for his government to survive.

Therefore, it's obvious that Najib is making hasty decisions to bolster support for himself and Umno ahead of the general election, which is widely expected to be held within the next six months.

Najib's popularity took a dip following the way he mishandled the Bersih 2.0 rally. From a high 72% popularity rating in June 2010, the Merdeka Center survey showed a 59% support level recently.

Now Najib has a bigger headache to handle and it would be exciting to see how he pacifies the right-wing faction within his own political party, who were never happy with efforts to shake the status quo. Either that or the premier would, again, make a U-turn on these policy changes.

He was too weak to keep his promise of allowing Bersih 2.0 to use any stadium to hold a peaceful protest and unwilling to take on Perkasa for the rubbish dished out.

When I re-look at Najib's speech text, it becomes clearer that he has done a Houdini. Without the specifics, this is nothing but mere hot talk.

The devil is in the details. And Umno cannot be trusted.

Charles Santiago is DAP's Klang member of parliament.


Posted: 16 Sep 2011 01:46 PM PDT


For now, a healthy dose of scepticism

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 07:37 AM PDT

Journalists’ union lauds Najib but… | Free Malaysia Today

Posted: 15 Sep 2011 08:57 PM PDT

Tireless torchbearer for Iban rights | Free Malaysia Today

Posted: 15 Sep 2011 08:55 PM PDT



R Sivarasa - Ahli Parlimen Subang

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 11:41 PM PDT

R Sivarasa - Ahli Parlimen Subang

Najib giving with one hand and taking away with another

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 09:24 AM PDT

Press Statement – YB Sivarasa, MP for Subang 16th September 2011

"Najib giving with one hand and taking away with another"

In his Malaysia day speech last night, Prime Minister Najib declared in the following words "I would like to announce on this historic night, the Internal Security Act 1960 will be abolished".
However he immediately went on to say that "… two new pieces of legislation will be formulated under Article 149 of the Federal Constitution … to maintain peace and well-being".
Some of us may not have immediately understood the ominous meaning of the use of those words "Article 149". Article 149 is the obnoxious part of the Constitution that allows the draconian ISA to exist as a valid law. If Article 149 were not there, the ISA and all other laws that provide for detention without trial in this country such as the Dangerous Drugs ( Special Preventive Measures) 1985 would be struck down as unconstitutional and void.
Article 149 allows such laws to violate the fundamental rights part of the Constitution such as Article 5, 9 and 10 which guarantee the protection of public trial, amongst other protections, and yet operate "legally",so to speak.
So what did Najib really do yesterday night? In a disingenuous manner, he left some Malaysians thinking he was making a 'historic move' and ridding this country of the evil ISA and detention without trial for good. Nothing can be further from the truth. He was doing verbal sleight of hand. Now you see it, now you don't!
He did not quite explain that with the two new laws to be formulated under Article 149, he would be in fact reinstating detention without trial, albeit supposedly in a more palatable fashion which is yet to be seen.
In other words, he only stated his intention to remove the ISA and reinstate it again in new clothes we are yet to see. The proverbial old wine in new bottle?
Platitudes about 'political transformation' and 'practising functional and inclusive democracy' and 'becoming a full-fledged developed nation' are meaningless if Malaysians are stlll to suffer detention with trial with power given to the Minister to order indefinite detention.
Even if Najib says that the power of the Minister to detain will be only for 'terrorism', let us not forget that the detention of Saari Sungib ( now ADUN Hulu Kelang), Tian Chua ( now Member of Parliament for Batu) , activist Hishamuddin Rais and 7 others in April 2001 were supposedly because they were 'stockpiling grenade launchers and Molotov cocktails'. This foolish ( because of its inherent idiocy ) assertion for which no evidence was ever produced was in a written press statement issued then by none other than the Inspector –General of Police Norian Mai. Similarly and much more recently, Dr Kumar Devaraj ( Member of Parliament for Sg Siput) and five colleagues were detained under the EO ( which works exactly like the ISA ) for allegedly being part of militant subversive communism with the only evidence being some t-shirts with Che Guevara and Abdullah CD faces, which one could buy easily down in Chow Kit market.
In other words, Najib's mere verbal assurances that no one will be detained for political ideology are in reality meaningless platitudes because as you can see in the two examples given earlier, the police ( and the Minister by extension ) can easily present anyone especially a politician as a terrorist.
Let us not forget that this is why arbitrary detention is the hall mark of oppressive despotic regimes.
Najib implies that the 'special legislation' formulated by advanced democratic nations such as the United States and the United Kingdom to handle terrorism is similar to the measures that we have had in place such as the ISA and preventive detention. This is downright misleading.
The United States reserves its obnoxious and notorious detention regime in Guantanomo Bay only for foreigners. Even then, it has been thoroughly ( and rightly ) criticized all over the world for violating fundamental rights. Malaysia on the other hand has regularly locked up and ill-treated its own loyal citizens without due process, and given Najib's words, intends to continue to do so.
The special law in the United Kingdom only allows them to detain a problematic foreigner who if deported back to his country of origin will be subjected to torture and detention by the authorities there. Citizens in the UK would not tolerate for a minute what we do to our own people in the name of the ISA and similar laws.
Pakatan Rakyat's position is set out in writing in our Buku Jingga. We said that a Pakatan federal government will abolish the Internal Security Act and other laws that allow for detention without trial while simultaneously rescinding all existing emergency declarations.
We are gratified to see that Najib has decided to adopt our view that we have to unshackle ourselves from the emergency declarations of the past. The continued existence of these declarations had long been an unfortunate target for mockery both here and overseas particularly because there was no semblance of an emergency like situation anywhere in the country for decades now. Pakatan will certainly support a resolution in Parliament to rescind these declarations and will also urge that all ordinances passed there under must also be annulled forthwith without waiting for the 6 month period provided for in Article 150(7).
However we part ways with Najib in his intention to maintain the repulsive practice of detention without trial which will no place in a new era of government under Pakatan Rakyat.
We will instead undertake comprehensive reform of our police force and other security agencies. We will ensure that our police force will be given sufficient powers, training and resources in order to carry out their primary responsibilities i.e. prevent crime and maintain public order professionally efficiently and independently whilst respecting the fundamental rights of our people.

Sivarasa Rasiah, Member of Parliament for Subang
Member of Central Leadership Council and Political Bureau for Parti Keadilan Rakyat

The Spirit of Lubok Kawah/Semangat Lubok Kawah

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 11:28 PM PDT

The Spirit of Lubok Kawah/Semangat Lubok Kawah

Cerita-cerita semasa Jelajah Pahang

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 08:01 PM PDT

Apabila saya sampai di rumah Rosni Arshad, Keratong 6, Muadzam jam 2.00 petang pada 10hb September 2011, sudah ramai tenaga penceramah dari Johor, Negeri Sembilan dan Pahang sudah berkumpul disana.

Datang jugak SB, bertanya-tanya buat apa, program dimana. Eh--eh, Hari Raya, Rumah Terbuka, Sdr Rosni menyediakan beranika jenis makanan dan kuih-muih raya, mereka juga dijemput makan.

SB-SB ni adalah anak orang kampong juga, mereka kena mencari berita politik untuk dilapurkan keatas, itulah kerja mereka, dan kalau mereka masih takut kepada Tuhan, laporlah yang benar-benar berlaku, jangan tokok tambah, jangan dusta dan jangan bohong semata-mata kerana nak cari/kejar pangkat.

Saya tahu bahawa SB-SB cukup suka baca blog saya ni, sebahagian daripada apa yang mereka nak laporkan keatas, mereka petik saja dari SB ini. Saya pun hanya menceritakan yang benar sahaja, iaitu program yang kami anjurkan, ceramah yang kami anjurkan, dan untuk Rompin saya nyatakan bahawa ada 6 ceramah siang dan ada 6 ceramah malam pada 10hb September tu. Terkejar-kejar SB nak cover tempat ceramah itu, dan memanglah mereka tak dapat cover semuanya.

Disetiap tempat ada program kami semasa jelajah itu, maka adalah SB-SB datang. Semasa di Felda Triang 3, sibuk benar SB ni ambil gambar. Cukup melucukan apabila mereka nak ambil gambar Pak Jabit semasa Pak Jabit mula-mula nak berucap. Pak Jabit berhenti berucap dan terus posing untuk SB-SB itu dan Pak Jabit lawa mereka supaya buat rakaman dekat-dekat sikit, takut nanti tersilap rakam.

Di Kg Chuat pula, ada 3 orang SB datang, wah dari setiap sudut tubuh saya SB ambil gambar, cantiklah gambar-gambar saya tu, sebab saya pun tak dapat nak ambil gambar saya dari belakang, dari depan, dari dereng, dan dari segenap penjuru tubuh saya.

SB yang datang ke Kampong Chuat itu berasa serba salah. Kami datang dengan dua buah kereta, satu yang saya pandu, satu lagi dipandu oleh Sdr Romani. Saya parkir kereta saya dipangkal kampong dan Romani pula terus ke dalam kampong.

Kereta mana nak diikuti oleh SB ni. Kereta saya? Sdr Romani hantar 4 orang wanita dan anak-anak mereka ke rumah ditempat saya menunggu. Romani sendiri mengadakan pertemuan dengan orang-orang Asal didalam kampong.

Kemana SB ni nak pergi, nak tunggu saya dengan 4 orang wanita dan anak-anak atau nak ikut Romani.

Mereka pun dah tersilap langkah, semasa mereka sampai ke kampong itu, kami belum tiba. Masa kami tiba di Kg Chuat, SB ni sudah nak keluar dari kampong dan berselisih dengan kami, mereka pusing balik, nak tau sungguh apakah yang akan kami lakukan.

Tetapi apabila saya dan Romani berpecah, tak tentu keruan dan ketahuan SB-SB ni. Akhirnya lepas satu foto saya satu foto lagi diambil. Lepas ni tentu banyaklah gambar saya di Pejabat SB Bera, elok juga supaya ramai sikit polis tahu gambar pemimpin PKR, bukan tak handsome kami ni, handsome jua, dan tentulah ramai pula anggota Polis yang akan undi PKR.

Di Triang 3, semasa ceramah baru dimulakan saya dapat sms menyatakan ISA akan dihapuskan, saya menerima berita ini dengan tiada apa-apa kepercayaan pun, tetapi jika benar, ini bererti bahawa perjuangan rakyat menuntut supaya ISA dihapuskan telah berjaya. Kemudian saya terima lagi sms menyatakan bahawa Seksyen 27 Akta Polis akan dimansuhkan. Ha..ha.. ini bagus, kalau betul, kerana demokrasi Malaysia ni dah jadi cacamurba, nama aja demokrasi, tetapi isinya adalah dictatorship. Perlembagaan Persekutuan kata rakyat diberikan kebebasan untuk berorginisir, bebas berkumpul, bebas berucap tapi nak berkumpul ada Seksyen 27 Akta Polis, ini tak boleh, itu tak boleh, nak ceramah tak boleh, nak bercakap tak boleh, nak berhimpun tak boleh, nak berarak tak boleh, demokrasi taik kucing.

Mungkin mereka akan batalkan Seksyen 27, tapi Seksyen lain pulak akan dibuat untuk mengekang kebebasan sesuai dengan dasar UMNO/BN yang takut kepada rakyat.

Sangkaan saya sangat betul. Najib kata ISA akan dimansuhkan, tetapi undang-undang yang ketat lagi akan dibuat, dua undang-undang ketat akan dibuat menggantikan ISA. Ini maknanya, ISA dihapuskan, tetapi roh ISA yang lebih ketat akan diperuntukkan.

Di Kg Mendoi, Kuala Krau 3 orang SB datang. Saya kenal mereka, saya bersalam dengan mereka, saya bersalam dengan mereka bukan kerana mereka tu SB, tapi mereka tu manusia yang ada nafsu, ada kemanusiaan, ada sifat baik dan ada sifat tak baik, macam manusia lain juga.

"Tuan Haji berceramah disini. Malam ni ada berapa ceramah?" tanya SB tu kepada saya. Saya jawab, "malam ni tak banyak ceramah, ada 12 sahaja". Dia tanya "Tuan Haji Ceramah disini aje ke?" Saya jawab "PKR menyiapkan 40 tenaga penceramah hari ini, jadi saya hanya disini sahajalah, yang lain-lain tu ditempat yang lain."

3 orang SB tu tunggu hinggal ceramah kami berakhir. Dan tentu dia akan lapurkan keatas bahawa pada ceramah di Kg Mendoi itu, seorang budak umur 3 tahun yang mengetuai laungan REFORMASI sebanyak 3 kali. Mungkin dia belum pernah tengok, dan sudah pasti orang lain pun belum pernah tengok kerana yang melaungkan laungan Reformasi itu adalah kanak-kanak Orang Asli berumur 3 tahun.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat adalah sebuah parti politik yang sah didaftarkan dibawah Akta Pertubuhan, Perlembagaannya diluluskan secara sah, dasar perjuangannya diluluskan secara sah, dan perjuangannya adalah untuk mendapatkan pemerintahan Negara ini melalui jalan demokrasi iaitu melalui Pilihanraya.

Apa nak surukkan, dan apakah yang hendak diintai dan disiasat oleh SB? Menghabiskan masa dan merugikan duit rakyat sahaja menghantar SB-SB ini ke Majlis-Majlis PKR kerana kami adalah parti yang halal dan sah disisi undang-undang, tetapi kalau mereka nak belajar berpolitik, elok jugalah mereka datang ke Majlis-Majlis PKR kerana ilmu politik ini mereka tidak akan dapat belajar dari Majlis-Majlis UMNO. Didalam Majlis-Majlis UMNO mereka akan belajar ilmu politik jahat sahaja, siapa nak jadi pemimpin, pemimpin mana nak rusuah nak tumbangkan pemimpin mana, pemimpin mana yang kaya ada kereta mewah, ada isteri mewah, itu saja politik UMNO, yang lain tu, politik UMNO adalah politik ugut, ugut ini dan ugut itu, tak sokong tak dapat ini dan tak dapat itu. Macam mana pemimpin UMNO menjadikan orang UMNO sebagai ikan Talapia, tabur makan, tabur umpan, kemudian tangkap dan dimakan, itulah politik UMNO, dan politik macam itu, SB-SB sudah faham sangat kerana dalam Jabatan Polis pun berlaku cerita-cerita macam mana kaki bodek nak naik pangkat.

Jelajah Pahang selama 6 hari oleh Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal PKR adalah satu kememangan rakyat. Jika ada kesempatan masa sebelum PRU akan datang ini, satu siri lagi lawatan kerja ke Pahang oleh Biro ini akan diadakan sekali lagi. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alamin.

Jelajah Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal PKR berakhir di Kg Paya Bungor

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 07:35 PM PDT

Enam hari berturut-turut, bermula dari 10hb September 2011 hingga 16hb September 2011, seramai 40 orang tenaga penceramah dari Johor, Negeri Sembilan dan Pahang, secara bergilir-gilir, Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal PKR telah menjelajah seluruh Pahang dengan mengadakan ceramah dan dialog.

Bermula di PKR Cabang Rompin pada 10hb September 2011 dan berakhir di PKR Cabang Paya Besar pada 16hb September.

Ceramah dan dialog telah diadakan pada jam 4.00 petang manakala ceramah diadakan pada waktu malam bermula jam 9.00 malam.

Didalam jelajah selama 6 hari tersebut 20 ceramah telah diadakan di rancangan-rancangan Felda di Rompin, Pekan, Maran, Kuala Krau, Bentong dan Bera; manakala 11 ceramah dan dialog diadakan diperkampongan Orang Asal, kesemuanya 31 ceramah dan dialog dapat diadakan dalam tempoh 6 hari tersebut.

3 buah Ranting baru bagi Parti Keadilan Rakyat telah berjaya ditubuhkan didalam jelajah ini iaitu sebuah ranting di Rompin, sebuah ranting di Maran dan sebuah ranting lagi di Paya Besar.

Ranting-ranting tersebut adalah di Kg Dong (Rompin), Kg Bangas (Maran) dan Kg Paya Bungor (Paya Besar).

Jelajah ini bermula dengan bergaya dilancarkan di Felda Keratong 6, Muadzam Shah, Rompin pada 10hb September 2011 dan berakhir di Kg Paya Bungor, Paya Besar pada 16hb September 2011.

Mengakhiri jelajah ini adalah penubuhan sebuah Ranting Parti Keadilan Rakyat di Kg Paya Bungor yang mempunyai 56 orang Anggota, dan pimpinan Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal yang menghadiri Majlis Perasmian Ranting PKR Kg Paya Bungor adalah Haji Suhaimi Said, Pengerusi Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal PKR, Sdr Rebin Birham, Setiausaha Biro; Sdr Ab Kadir Abd Manap, Setiausaha Kerja Biro, Sdr Bostamin Bakar, Timbalan Pengerusi Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal PKR Pahang, Sdr Rabidin Kasmawi, AJK Biro dan Ketua PKR Cabang Rompin dan Pn Fatimah Bahsin, JK Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal PKR Pahang.

Walaupun terdapat beberapa kelemahan disana sini, secara keseluruhannya Jelajah Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal PKR ke Negeri Pahang adalah berjaya, dan dapat menemukan pimpinan Cabang-Cabang untuk perjuangan parti.

Selepas ini Biro Masyarakat Felda dan Orang Asal akan menjelajah pula ke Negeri Perak dan Selangor dan sekretariat Biro sedang mengaturkan jadual lawatan untuk dikemukakan kepada pimpinan Biro di Negeri Perak dan Selangor.


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Posted: 16 Sep 2011 06:19 AM PDT

Anwar Ibrahim

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 07:07 PM PDT

Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Trial Looms Over Malaysian Politics

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 03:27 AM PDT

The Wall Street Journal

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak is carving out a new role for himself as a liberal reformer after pledging to scrap the country’s harsh Internal Security Act, but he still has one big problem in selling his case to the rest of the world—the continuing sodomy trial of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Mr. Anwar, a 64-year-old father of six with a goatee mustache and snappy glasses, denies the charges, saying they are a political plot to destroy any threat to the ruling coalition that has controlled Malaysia for over half a century. Mr. Najib and his government deny setting him up. If Mr. Anwar is convicted, he faces going to prison for the second time after being jailed in 1998 for allegedly sodomizing two other aides before an appeals court overturned his conviction.

The outcome could help determine bigger issues in this majority-Muslim, multi-racial nation of 28 million people, which has been struggling to break away from its system of race and religion-based politics that many analysts believe have retarded growth in one of Southeast Asia’s most important economies.

Although Mr. Najib is opening up the country’s political system to head off the kinds of stresses that have destabilized parts of the Middle East this year—on Thursday he announced plans to repeal harsh laws that allow for detention without trial and pledged new freedoms for the country’s closely controlled media—he faces a potential push-back from opponents in his ruling United Malays National Organization party. Some analysts view Mr. Anwar’s multi-ethnic opposition alliance as perhaps better placed to pursue a more aggressive liberalization policy—that is if he can stay out of jail and get elected to office.

This time around a difference is emerging compared with Mr. Anwar’s last trial, or so Mr. Anwar hopes: The importance of forensic evidence that could be partially attributed to—the widespread following here for fictional television cops such as Horatio Caine of the show CSI: Miami.

Political analysts say that in 1998 Mr. Anwar was convicted on witness testimony, but this time the prosecution relies heavily on new technologies such as DNA testing and other forensic-investigation techniques. That, Mr. Anwar told The Wall Street Journal during a recent recess at his trial, gives him fresh hope of being acquitted.

“Last time there was no medical report and no medical evidence—nothing but the word of mouth,” Mr. Anwar said during a lengthy discussion about anal swabs, data samples and the survival time of sperm cells. “But now the case is all about the science—and that’s where I have a chance.”

A Malaysian government spokesman says it has no comment on Anwar’s remarks, saying it is a matter for the courts.

During recent testimony in the marathon trial, Mr. Anwar’s lawyers presented a series of expert witnesses who raised doubts about the credibility of the forensic evidence presented by prosecutors. Australian forensics expert Brian McDonald told the court that the DNA testing and labeling wasn’t up to international standards and was riddled with errors. Dr. McDonald said it was unclear where some samples came from.

Some of the testimony could help Mr. Anwar’s case, especially in the court of public opinion, analysts say.

“I think it will resonate,” says Bridget Welsh, a professor Singapore Management University and a close observer of Malaysia’s political drama. “People in general don’t trust the system. That feeling is endemic in Malaysia and Mr. Anwar is trying to capitalize on it.”

It helps that shows such as the CSI franchises are so popular, especially the Miami-based version famously spoofed by comedian Jim Carrey on the David Letterman show. Malaysians closely follow the adventures of Lt. Caine and his colleagues as they try to bring down criminals using advanced forensic techniques and a spot of fisticuffs when appropriate.

“We know about forensics. Nobody can fool us about that. We’ve all seen CSI,” says one keen viewer, Rizal Osman, from Pahang, central Malaysia.

Bloggers, among others, often discuss plots from shows such as CSI and Special Victims Unit to discuss what’s going on in Malaysia. One person, Gerard Samuel Vijayan, wrote to the Malaysiakini portal to describe an episode of Special Victims Unit that featured a conspiracy to fabricate DNA. He said Mr. Anwar might be facing a similar problem. “Given the holes in the prosecution’s case, there is sufficient doubt to acquit the accused,” Mr. Vijayan wrote.

Either way, as the trial moves toward its conclusion—Mr. Anwar is scheduled to continue making his defense on Monday —Malaysians can expect to hear more about DNA, and in forensic detail, in the weeks and months to come.

Claiming he is unable to get a fair trial, Mr. Anwar unleashed a tirade against Malaysia’s judiciary recently, liberally quoting from Nelson Mandela, Shakespeare and the Quran to buttress his allegation that the judiciary and government are conspiring to put him away—something Mr. Najib denies.

If Mr. Anwar is ultimately convicted, “I hope the forensic evidence lingers in people’s minds,” he says. “It’s worth the effort and expense of debunking the prosecution’s entire case.”

In the meantime, Mr. Anwar’s political party is claiming the credit for forcing Mr. Najib to unlock Malaysia’s political system. Mr. Anwar took to microblogging site Twitter after arriving on an overnight flight from England to say Malaysians must remain vigilant. “We have to be wary whether the freedoms are now guaranteed and what laws will replace” the Internal Security Act.

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Israel’s Missed Opportunities

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 02:06 AM PDT

From Aljazeera

In the prologue to The History of the Destruction of Jerusalem, the author Josephus tells us that works written earlier by others “were marred by inaccuracies and prejudice” and that he “hopes to comfort the conquered and to deter others from attempting innovations”.

Josephus’ classic account is indeed a gripping story evoking powerful emotions and leaves us in no doubt as to where our sympathy lies: As the mighty Romans lord over the powerless Jewish inhabitants of Jerusalem perpetuating cruelty and injustice, the story is as old as mankind. The oppression of human beings by fellow human beings is not a tale told by an idiot but by the chronicle of time. And as this history repeats itself, the once oppressed can easily become the oppressor. Where once it was the all-powerful Romans against the downtrodden Jews, today it is the high and mighty regime of Israel against the helpless Palestinians.

Adding to this state of oppression is the deadly flotilla attack by Israeli commandos under the Netanyahu government, in which nine people were killed – with at least seven having been handcuffed and shot in the back of the head. Yet the latest United Nations report on the attack has completely gone off the mark by concluding that Israel’s blockade of Gaza was a legitimate act of self-defence.

According to the Palmer Commission’s report, the legitimacy purportedly arises from Israel having to take necessary steps to protect its people from violent acts by Palestinian militants in Gaza, such as the firing of illegal rockets into Israel.

While no one condones violent acts that threaten the security of the people of Israel, the purported rationale for self-defence in this case flies against the facts, the most telling of which is that a unilateral ceasefire by Hamas had already been in place since early 2009. Bereft of this pretext, the entire edifice for the perpetuation of deadly force by Israel crumbles.

But that is cold comfort for the 1.5 million Palestinians being incarcerated in Gaza, who are now at the mercy of Israel’s land and naval blockade, which continues to deny them their right to move freely within and between all countries. Sanctioning such a military siege against a helpless civilian population is to turn the global rule of law on its head. And this is a community that has already been so dispossessed. As Edward Said once said, few national groups have been stripped of their humanity in the eyes of the world more blatantly than ordinary Palestinian men and women.

The attack on the humanitarian flotilla can neither be sanctioned nor rationalised. Apart from violating international maritime law, it was an act of ruthless aggression against an innocent party. No sovereign government can allow such a transgression to take place with impunity.

When two Israeli soldiers were captured by Hezbollah, Israel invaded Lebanon. Nine Turkish citizens have been brutally killed in international waters, and no one should expect Turkey to sleep over the death of its citizens. One of those killed was also an American citizen, the 19-year-old Furkan Dogan, about whom the Obama administration has kept silent. Turkey is therefore right in unequivocally rejecting the UN report and all attempts to justify the military siege of Gaza as legal.

Netanyahu’s announcement that Israel will not apologise to Turkey demonstrates his dereliction of responsibilities and a particular callousness towards a nation that used to be a military ally. He is completely misreading the dynamic of the new Middle East, in which justice, not oppression and authoritarianism, will shape history.

More significantly, it has missed a golden opportunity to further the prospects of peace through an enhanced collaboration with democratic Turkey under Prime Minister Erdogan. There is no better time than now, particularly in the wake of the Arab Spring, for all parties to move towards a more enduring peace in the Middle East driven by universal ideals for freedom, democracy and justice.

Anwar Ibrahim is currently opposition leader of Malaysia and was formerly the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

PM Bangladesh Akui Rakyatnya Dapat Hak Mengundi di Malaysia

Posted: 16 Sep 2011 12:56 AM PDT


Keratan laman web rasmi Pejabat PM Bangladesh

Naib Presiden KEADILAN, Fuziah Salleh mendesak siasatan dibuat terhadap pengakuan Perdana Menteri Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina Wajed mengenai rakyatnya di Malaysia, mudah memperoleh status penduduk tetap (PR) dan layak mengundi.

"Kita desak tubuhkan Suruhanjaya Siasatan Diraja bagi menyiasat kenyataan Perdana Menteri Bangladesh berkenaan perkara ini.

"Jika perkara ini berlaku, Najib perlu bertanggungjawab dan berani tampil memberikan penjelasan," katanya kepada Keadilan Daily, hari ini.

Beliau berkata demikiana apabila diminta mengulas pengakuan Sheikh Hasina yang dipetik dari – laman rasmi Hal Ehwal badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) Jabatan Perdana Menteri negara itu.

Mengikut laman itu, Sheikh Hasina berkata pekerja Bangladesh di Malaysia diberi kewarganegaraan dengan mudah asalkan mengundi parti yang mewakili kerajaan pemerintah.

Beliau juga mengesahkan sebilangan pekerja Bangladesh dalam beberapa sektor di Malaysia, diberi taraf kewarganegaraan sejak tahun lalu.

Katanya, mereka juga diberi hak sebagai pengundi dalam Pilihan Raya Umum (PRU) akan datang.

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Terus Mara Memastikan Perubahan Terlaksana

Posted: 15 Sep 2011 09:06 PM PDT

Saya mengucapkan tahniah kepada semua pejuang kebebasan dan hak asasi manusia kerana kerajaan Umno-Bn akhirnya terpaksa akur dengan kebenaran dan keadilan yang mereka perjuangkan selama berdekad-dekad. Ribuan pejuang ini dipenjara, difitnah dan menderita pelbagai kezaliman demi untuk hak dan kebebasan rakyat yang dinodai oleh Umno-BN sejak merdeka lagi.

Tanpa kegigihan perjuangan mereka yang sentiasa memberikan tekanan kepada Datuk Seri Najib Razak, pastinya YAB Perdana Menteri tidak akan membuat kenyataan semalam untuk menamatkan darurat dan menyarankan untuk memansuhkan ISA. Semangat perjuangan rakyat telah menjadi sebahagian dari darah daging perjuangan parti-parti dalam Pakatan Rakyat. Pakatan Rakyat meneruskan perjuangan ini dengan memasukkannya ke dalam Buku Jingga.

Justeru itu apa yang dilakukan oleh Perdana Menteri bukanlah suatu kurnia kepada rakyat sempena Hari Malaysia, sebaliknya ia adalah hasil dari perjuangan getir. Maka tahniah yang sebenar adalah untuk para pejuang kebebasan dan hak asasi baik dari parti-parti politik mahupun dari NGO. Sebagaimana kita tidak memberikan tahniah kepada British kerana memberikan kemerdekaan kepada Persekutuan Tanah Melayu pada 31 Ogos 1957 tetapi tarikh tersebut kita rayakan sebagai kemuncak kejayaan perjuagan menentang penjajahan.

Namun kita mengalu-alukan langkah yang diambil Perdana Menteri yang tentunya membuka lembaran baru kepada persekitaran politik Malaysia sekiranya apa yang diumumkan dikotakan dan tidak sebagai satu retorika serta sekadar bersifat kosmetik demi memulihkan imej politik.

Oleh kerana itu sejajar dengan pengumuman Datuk Seri Najib semalam yang berhasrat memansuhkan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri 1960 (ISA) dan menamatkan perintah darurat, kita menuntut agar:

1) Segera membebaskan semua tahanan yang ditahan tanpa bicara atau hadapkan mereka ke mahkamah untuk diadili.
2) Menutup pusat tahanan yang menempatkan tahanan yang ditahan tanpa bicara seumpama Pusat Tahanan Kamunting dan Simpang Renggam.
3) Segera melaksanakan proses siasatan terhadap segala aduan siksaan terhadap para tahanan.

Kita juga perihatin dengan pengumuman Datuk Seri Najib untuk menggubal dua akta baru yang dipayungi Perkara 149 Perlembagaan Persekutuan. Akta itu menurut Perdana Menteri bakal digunakan untuk memerangi keganasan dan aliran subversif. Kita berpandangan adalah penting bagi Pakatan Rakyat, NGO dan pentadbiran Datuk Seri Najib Razak untuk duduk semeja bersama-sama mendapatkan maklum balas dari segenap lapisan masyarakat sebelum rang undang-undang ini dibentangkan di Parlimen kelak. Oleh itu kita menyeru agar diwujudkan Majlis Perundingan Kebangsaan bagi mengkaji serta bersama-sama menggarap dua rang undang-undang mencegah keganasan dan aktiviti subversif yang bakal dibentangkan di Parlimen kelak.

Kita tidak mahu undang-undang yang bakal digubal ini masih menerapkan unsur perundangan antaranya yang mirip dengan peruntukan Seksyen 73(1) dan Seksyen 8 Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA). Kedua-dua peruntukan tersebut memberi kuasa kepada Menteri untuk menahan
sesiapa sahaja dan membolehkan Menteri itu menyalahguna kuasa demi kepentingannya semata-mata. Pastinya pengumuman pemansuhan ISA tidak membawa sebarang erti sekiranya kedua-dua akta yang bakal digubal itu itu masih membolehkan Tahanan Tanpa Bicara.

Saya ingin mengingatkan Perdana Menteri bahawa rakyat dapat membedakan antara slogan dengan hakikat dan rakyat akan meneruskan perjuangan mereka sehingga segala hak dan kebebasan mereka dikembalikan sepenuhnya termasuk hak mereka untuk berhimpun secara aman untuk menjayakan demokrasi tulen.

Rakyat tidak menerima perubahan yang bersifat tempelan. Selagi pemerintahan Umno-BN tidak menerima perhimpunan Bersih 2.0 sebagai hak dan kebebasan rakyat, rakyat akan beranggapan bahawa tuntutan mereka belum dipenuhi. Demokrasi yang berwibawa dan sistem piliharaya yang adil dan bebas adalah sebahagian dari hak asasi dan kebebasan rakyat.

Parti Keadilan Rakyat juga mahu menegaskan bahawa kita tidak akan menerima kenyataan yang dibuat oleh Datuk Seri Najib sebagai bermakna selagi lidah rasmi Keadilan iaitu Suara Keadilan dihalang penerbitan dan pengedarannya oleh Kementerian Dalam Negeri.

Rakyat akan menerima sekiranya pembaharuan yang dilakukan adalah benar-benar ikhlas, berdasarkan penkhayatan kepada nilai-nilai murni demokrasi dan karamah insaniah dan tidak sebagai gimik politik.

Sekiranya Datuk Seri Najib benar-benar menerima nilai-nilai ini beliau sebagai wakil kerajaan harus membuat kenyataan terbuka bahawa kerajaan sebelum ini telah melakukan pelbagai kezaliman di bawah undang-undang kuku besi ISA dan undang-undang drakonian lainnya. Pengakuan ini harus diikuti dengan permohohan maaf kepada mereka yang dizalimi dan kepada mereka yang sudah meninggal, permohonan maaf tersebut disampaikan kepada keluarga mereka.

Perlaksanaan kepada janji Perdana Menteri juga bergantung kepada kebebasan dan integriti institusi kehakiman. Selagi institusi kehakiman tidak bebas dari cengkaman politik dan tidak memiliki integriti, institusi tersebut boleh dijadikan alat kepada kezaliman baru dan melakukan "political persecution." Bahkan ini yang sedang dilakukan oleh Datuk Seri Najib kepada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sekarang.

Jenteru itu sementara saya mengajak mengalu-alukan kenyataan positif yang dibuat oleh Perdana Menteri saya juga menyeru rakyat terus istiqamah dalam perjuangan menuntut keadilan dan kebebasan.


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AMK: Najib perlu laksana pemulihan demokrasi menyeluruh

Posted: 15 Sep 2011 08:12 PM PDT

16 September 2011

Jangan sekadar pengumuman bernuansa pilihanraya: PM Najib perlu laksanakan pemulihan demokrasi dengan menyeluruh

Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia (AMK) terpanggil untuk memberikan respon balas ke atas beberapa keputusan drastik yang diumumkan oleh Perdana Menteri Dato’ Sri Najib Tun Razak di dalam perutusan khas Hari Malaysia beliau.

Pertamanya, syabas dan tahniah kepada beliau kerana secara tidak langsung telah mengiktiraf melalui pencurian idea Pakatan Rakyat dan pejuang hak asasi Malaysia khususnya secara ‘bergaya’ melalui pemansuhan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA). Walau bagaimanapun, lebih banyak persoalan timbul berbanding menyelesaikan polemik penafian hak asasi manusia khususnya tahanan-tahanan ISA sebelum ini.

Tatkala diumum dua akta baru akan digubal menggantikan ISA, timbul persoalan apakah akta-akta yang akan digubal ini akan turut melibatkan pihak-pihak pejuang hak asasi agar pandangan mereka didengar ?

Kedua, mengenai tempoh tahanan oleh polis yang secara substansialnya lebih pendek dan apa-apa tahanan lanjut hanya boleh dibuat dengan perintah mahkamah. AMK melihat, dalam konteks ini, perubahan dan kajian semula ini mungkin tidak bermakna kerana persepsi rakyat kepada kredibiliti sistem kehakiman yang parah. Malah AMK pelik mengapa kajian semula ini dilakukan tanpa melakukan reformasi sistem kehakiman secara total. Kita tidak perlu pergi jauh, prosiding kes mahkamah Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sudah cukup untuk membuktikan bahawa dakwaan ini mempunyai asas yang konkrit. Apa guna mahkamah diberikan kuasa, sekiranya sistem Kehakiman masih dilihat bertindak di bawah pengaruh kuasa Eksekutif?

Ketiga, apabila disebut bahawa “kuasa Menteri masih dikekalkan bagi undang-undang berkaitan keganasan”, maka kerajaan harus mengambil satu ketetapan untuk mendefinisikan apakah itu “keganasan”. Ini harus ditekankan kerana di bawah hegemoni Umno-BN, berselisih pandangan politik juga berpotensi ditakrif sebagai satu bentu “keganasan”. Dan dengan menetapkan kuasa Menteri dikekalkan dalam hal ini, maka ianya lebih bersifat ‘wal hasil balik asal’.

Keempat, AMK turut mempertikaikan apakah rasional kajian semula Akta Mesin Cetak dan Penerbitan 1984 di mana prinsip pembaharuan tahunan akan dihapuskan dan digantikan dengan pengeluaran lesen sehingga dibatalkan? Sekiranya kerajaan percaya kepada kebijaksanaan rakyat, maka seharusnya akta ini dimansuhkan terus dan prinsip pengeluaran lesen juga tidak perlu dilaksanakan. Apa guna menyusun retorik memuji kematangan demokrasi usai 54 tahun kemerdekaan jika kerajaan masih mahu mengekang akses pengamal media kepada khalayak?

Kelima, berhubung dengan kajian semula Seksyen 27 Akta Polis 1967 mengenai kebebasan berhimpun. AMK mahukan jaminan jelas daripada Dato’ Sri Najib bahawa kebenaran berhimpun harus dipermudahkan dengan penghapusan permit yang tidak munasabah pelaksanaannya. Dengan beliau sendiri menyebut “kebenaran berhimpun diberi selaras dengan kaedah-kaedah yang akan ditetapkan kelak disamping mengambilkira norma-norma di peringkat antarabangsa”, AMK turut mempersoalkan apakah PDRM khususnya akan menggunapakai standard antarabangsa di mana setiap perhimpunan aman akan dikawal sebaik dan seprofesional mungkin oleh pihak PDRM seperti di negara-negara luar.

AMK melihat, usai 54 tahun kemerdekaan negara dan 48 tahun penubuhan Malaysia, sistem demokrasi negara harus dianjak ke satu tahap kematangan yang lebih berani. Isu-isu persoalan sistem pilihanraya yang terpalit dengan penyelewengan yang masih tidak berjawab, isu-isu kelangsungan generasi muda khususnya mahasiswa melalui penguatkuasaan AUKU, dan beberapa hal lain, masih menunjukkan demokrasi Malaysia masih belum punyai keberanian untuk dianjak selagi mana hegemoni Umno-BN masih berkuasa.

Isunya bukan soal memberi kelebihan kepada pembangkang mahupun pemerintah. Isunya ialah bagaimana menghidupkan roh demokrasi ini kepada rakyat, ini mauduk utama yang harus difikirkan bersama.

Kesimpulannya, AMK mengucapkan tahniah di atas beberapa inisiatif yang diambil oleh Dato’ Sri Najib ini. “Keberanian politik” ini pastinya terhasil rentetan merudumnya populariti beliau mutakhir ini, dan AMK percaya ini juga satu semboyan awal Pilihanraya Umum yang pastinya akan “disempurnakan” melalui Belanjawan 2012 menjelang Oktober depan.

Angkatan Muda Keadilan Malaysia

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