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Anwar Ibrahim

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 07:25 PM PDT

Anwar Ibrahim

The Malaysia Airlines Pilot’s Politics

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 06:40 PM PDT


Zaharie Ahmad Shah supported Anwar Ibrahim. That's common sense, not zealotry.

There is an axiom in Malaysian politics: Eventually everything comes back to Anwar Ibrahim. So, the longer that the fumbling and inept investigation into the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has gone on, the more certain it became that it would somehow boomerang to the leader of the country's democratic opposition.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Najib Razak went before the cameras to declare that officials believe the plane was deliberately diverted and flown in an unknown direction somewhere along a wide arc from Kazakhstan to deep into the Indian Ocean. Now that the search for the Boeing 777 has turned into a criminal investigation, the authorities are taking a close look at the flight's chief pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, and its first officer, Fariq Abdul Hamid.

They quickly learned—as no doubt all of Shah's friends knew—that the pilot was a strong supporter of Anwar Ibrahim's People's Justice Party. Indeed, Shah is believed to have attended Anwar's court hearing on March 7 that overturned his 2012 acquittal on sodomy charges, a politically motivated case that the Malaysian government typically dusts off around election time. On Sunday, the U.K. and Malaysian press treated the revelation with the shock you might reserve for damning evidence. Shah was described—by an unnamed source—as a "fanatical supporter of the country's opposition leader." Elsewhere, he is described (apparently by unnamed police sources) as "fervent" and "strident" in his political convictions. More than a week after the Boeing 777 disappeared, we lack a motive, a clear suspect, or even a crime scene, but we have our "Anwar Ibrahim connection." That is Malaysian politics.

A fanatical supporter of Anwar Ibrahim does sound scary—as long as you know nothing about him.

Anwar is the 66-year old opposition leader who is the principal thorn in the side of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) that has ruled Malaysia for 56 years. Anwar heads a coalition of parties, which includes his own multiethnic party, that has made the greatest inroads against the country's corrupt masters. In 2008, the opposition won more than a third of the seats in parliament—the first time that UMNO lost its supermajority that allowed it to change the constitution at the prime minister's whim. Anwar, who had been a political prisoner for six years, most of it in solitary confinement, won his seat in a landslide, and the opposition won five of the country's 13 state governments. Last year, his opposition party claimed to have won the election against the ruling party, a contest that many say was marred by widespread fraud. Anwar supported the massive protests that followed the ruling party's supposed victory, but he never called for a toppling of the government.

Anwar is trying to defeat Malaysia's authoritarian regime through elections—not terrorism, let alone revolution. So, to be clear, what we know is that the pilot of MH370 is a fanatical supporter of a nonviolent man who supports a pluralistic and democratic Malaysia.

Of course, we don't know Shah's precise state of mind, and it is true that hours before the flight, his political hero had just been dealt bad news with the court's decision to overturn his previous acquittal. But this is not news that Anwar or his close supporters would have found shocking. On several occasions I have interviewed Anwar, most recently at his home in 2011, he was always forced to operate under the threat of these politically trumped-up charges that he viewed as nothing more than a weak effort to discredit him. Indeed, few Malaysians view the government's accusations as anything other than evidence of crooked politics, and Anwar has only become more popular and UMNO's rule more brittle.

But, if we are engaging in wild theories—and why not, this is Malaysian politics—then why would unnamed police sources be playing up the pilot's political beliefs a week after we are no closer to knowing the truth about MH370? Because the Malaysian authorities' performance during this investigation is a pretty reasonable approximation of what passes for governance in a corrupt, nepotistic regime that long ago lost any purpose besides accumulating wealth and extending its own power. Malaysia has fallen behind its Southeast Asian competitors economically in large part because of its stunted political culture. Acting transportation minister Hishammuddin Hussein's defensive press conferences and updates, which range from opaque to contradictory, are what you'd expect from government ministers who are seldom expected to answer questions.

So, is it possible that Shah hijacked the Malaysia Airlines flight in some twisted form of protest against the government? Of course—even if it seems a less likely explanation than the half dozen other theories that are being floated. Because, whatever happened on board Flight 370, Shah's support of Anwar Ibrahim is the one piece of evidence that suggests he had a firm grip on reality, not that he was trying to escape it.

Malaysia’s Walls of Hope for missing airline

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 06:38 PM PDT

Al Jazeera

[There are] too many contradictions [in the government's official line]. This is not the way to manage a crisis. – Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysian opposition leader

Malaysians awoke last Saturday morning to distressing and unexpected news; one of the national carrier’s planes had gone missing.

As thousands took to social media to express their concern for the 239 people on board flight MH370, Malaysian activist Azrul Khalib and his friends began thinking about a more meaningful way to show their support for those affected.

The result was the Wall of Hope – a place for ordinary people to share their own handwritten messages of hope for passengers and crew.

“We are not able to contribute to the search itself, but we are hoping this small contribution can help console, heal and support the families affected,” said Azrul, who is part of a group called Malaysians for Malaysia.

The first wall was erected in a luxury shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur City Centre on Monday. The response was immediate. The 200 tags printed initially for people to leave their messages on were used up in just half an hour. The mall printed thousands more.

“We want them to know that the whole country is standing next to them and supporting them in this really terrible time. In times like this we discover that there are things bigger than ourselves. We are reminded of our humanity,” Azrul said.

Still searching

Nearly a week after the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 went missing on a night flight to Beijing, and with the search for the plane now stretching from the Indian Ocean to the coast of Vietnam, the incident has inspired widespread sympathy for those involved.

But it has also exposed the shortcomings of Malaysia’s government amid ferocious criticism of its handling of the crisis. Information has been patchy and government ministers, the airline and civil servants have sometimes contradicted each other or made comments widely deemed as inappropriate.

Despite the emergence in the country of a vibrant online press, Malaysian ministers are rarely challenged on policy because most of the mainstream media is either owned by the state or the ruling political parties.

Legislation that limits freedom of expression, such as the Sedition Act, cows many journalists and fosters a climate of self-censorship. Investigative journalism is almost unheard of in a country that’s been governed by more-or-less the same coalition since independence in 1957.

At a particularly testy press conference on Wednesday, a government press official even berated journalists over their “ethics” for trying to interview the Chinese ambassador who’d unexpectedly arrived to listen to the proceedings.

The official told the media they should be using the room only to speak to Malaysian officials.

“The government has been so comfortable with the local subservient media that when facing the free international media, they are in disarray,” opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim told parliament the next day.

“[There are] too many contradictions. This is not the way to manage a crisis. Each and every statement must be verified first before being issued.”

Communications breakdown

With the plane seeming to have vanished, and just a handful of facts provided to the public, a multitude of conspiracy theories have flourished.

The aircraft, with 227 passengers and 12 crew representing 14 different nationalities, took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12:41am on March 9.

Climbing to its cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, the Boeing 777 headed out on a clear night across the South China Sea. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid, signed off from Malaysian air traffic control at 1:30am.

It was their last communication.

The vast area of search, compounded by the possibility that the plane turned back across the Malay Peninsula, has highlighted the limitations not only in technology but also of cooperation at the national, regional and international levels.

“MH370 has revealed real gaps in the government of Malaysia’s capabilities,” said Ernie Bower, senior adviser and Sumitro Chair for Southeast Asia Studies at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC.

“The incident has stress-tested Malaysia’s security systems, interagency coordination and maritime and aviation domain awareness capabilities and all three areas have been very publicly revealed as needing serious enhancement.”

Vietnam, the US and several other countries are aiding in the search and rescue operation [EPA]

As of Friday, some 13 countries were involved in looking for the plane, with 57 ships and 48 aircraft scouring the South China Sea and the north of the Strait of Malacca in what is still being referred to as a search and rescue operation. On Friday, the search was extended further towards the Indian Ocean.

“The investigation team is following all leads that may help locate the missing aircraft,” the Malaysian government said in a media statement. “We continue to work closely with the US team, whose officials have been on the ground in Kuala Lumpur to help with the investigation since Sunday.”

Each day brings new speculation about the reasons for the plane’s disappearance and where it might be, deepening the anguish for those whose friends and family were on board the flight.

Selamat Omar has been staying at a hotel near the airport with other families since the incident happened, waiting for any news on the whereabouts of his son, Mohd Khairul Amri Selamat, who was onboard the plane.

Omar is not interested in apportioning blame; he just wants the aircraft found.

“This is no one’s fault,” he told Al Jazeera. “I don’t think one human being would want to kill another. I don’t think Malaysia Airlines wants to lose money.” Mohd Khairul’s wife was also at the hotel but too distraught to speak to anyone, he said.

It is a view shared by the people adding their messages of support – in languages including English, Malay, Arabic and German – to the now more than 25 Walls of Hope that have been set up around the country.

“We are waiting for a miracle,” said 21-year-old marketing student Andrew Law after he and his friends tied their messages alongside the hundreds of others already on display in one Kuala Lumpur mall.

“We need to have faith.”



PAS Negeri Sembilan

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PAS Negeri Sembilan


Posted: 16 Mar 2014 04:04 PM PDT

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Masa : 9 pagi
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Rembau Hari Ini

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 07:42 PM PDT

Rembau Hari Ini


Posted: 16 Mar 2014 04:04 PM PDT

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Jasindaily Online

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 09:23 AM PDT

Jasindaily Online


Posted: 16 Mar 2014 12:12 AM PDT

Pemuda PAS Melaka Mengecam Konsert Liar Di Bukit Jalil.

Posted: 16 Mar 2014 12:11 AM PDT

Di sebalik kisah duka dan ujian yang sedang dihadapi rakyat malaysia khususnya umat Islam tentang isu MH 370 , kemarau dan ketiadaan air , kita menyaksikan tragedi kebobrokan moral yang berlaku akibat ketiadaanpemantauan yang tegas oleh pihak berkuasa terhadap Festival future Music baru-baru ini . Dengan ini Pemuda PAS Melaka amat berduka cita dengan perkara yang berlaku dalam Festival Future music di stadium Bukit Jalil pada 13 -15 mac 2014 , di mana berlaku kematian seramai lima orang dan empat orang kritikal. Kami menganggap penganjur seolah mendapat lesen besar dalam penganjuran festival ini kerana secara terang-terang mempromosi bahawa akan ada parti liar 

"Malaysia biggest and wildest party". Adakah pihak penganjur iaitu syarikat Live Scape sdn. bhd mengikut piawaian hiburan dalam negara ini atau mereka yang meluluskan festival ini tidak memantau sepanjang perjalanan festival ini berlaku. Bagi kami peristiwa ini amat memalukan negara kerana pada masa yang sama kita sedang bersedih tentang kehilangan pesawat MH370. Lebih malang lagi kematian ini melibatkan anak-anak muda yang beragama islam. Di mana letaknya pihak penguatkuasa dan pihak kementerian dalam isu yang besar ini. Pemuda Pas Melaka merasakan pihak kementerian yang bertanggungjawab iaitu Kementerian Belia Dan Sukan dan Kementerian Perlancongan perlu memberi penjelasan yang secukupnya dan perlu meletakkan jawatan sekiranya jawapan itu tidak menyakinkan kerana ia sudah melibatkan nyawa dan maruah negara.

 Pemuda Pas Melaka memandang berat isu ini kerana ia adalah pertama kali berlaku di malaysia yang merupakan Negara majoriti umat Islam dan ia melibatkan kematian anak muda yang beragama Islam akibat ketagihan dadah yang berlaku dalam konsert itu. Sudahlah negera kita dicemuh dan dipersendakan oleh sebahagian akhbar-akhbar antarabangsa akibat memanggil Bomoh 1 Malaysia untuk mencari pesawat MH 370 di KLIA , ini pula memaparkan imej yang buruk terhadap Negara akibat penganjuran konsert yang jelas bertentangan dengan Agama dan tatasusila Rakyat Malaysia. 

Jauhar bin Mohd Dawi 
Ketua Pemuda PAS Melaka


Posted: 16 Mar 2014 09:13 AM PDT


Ciri-Ciri Naqib Yang Berkaliber

Posted: 15 Mar 2014 06:29 PM PDT

Idris Haji Ahmad

Kejayaan satu usrah bergantung kepada kewibawaan naqib yang memenuhi ciri-ciri seorang naqib. Kegagalan usrah berpunca daripada naqib yang tidak memenuhi kriteria naqib. Naqib tidak boleh ditangkap muat begitu sahaja, walaupun dia seorang ustaz, belum tentu dia mampu meletakkan dirinya seorang naqib yang berjaya.

Ciri-Ciri Naqib

1. Berilmu.
Naqib mesti mempunyai ilmu, jika naqib kosong kepala macam mana beliau hendak menjelaskan kepada anak buah usrahnya. Sebagaimana pepatah Arab menyebut " Orang yang fakir macam mana beliau hendak memberi". Mereka yang ada ilmu akan menarik minat ahli usrahnya. Jika naqib tidak memiliki ilmu dan pengetahuan yang luas bagaimana ia hendak meyakinkan orang lain untuk memahami perjuangan. Naqib mesti bersedia untuk menimba pengetahuan tanpa jemu-jemu. Tidak ada istilah pencen untuk seorang naqib mendapat ilmu. Bukan sahaja mereka menguasai ilmu agama, malahan juga ilmu dunia, isu semasa dan isu-isu orgnisasi. Usrah sentiasa segar jika naqib memiliki mutiara-mutiara yang berharga untuk dibawa balik setelah menghadiri usrah. Mahu tidak mahu, naqib mesti memaksa dirinya untuk membaca dan membuat persediaan yang rapi sebelum memulakan usrah.

2. Yakin Dengan Perjuangan

Naqib mesti yakin dengan perjuangan Pas yang berteraskan Islam. Landasan ini akan dipegang samaada sewaktu kalah atau menang. Beliau mesti yakin inilah akidah perjuangan yang tidak pernah luntur daripada batang tubuh perjuangan Pas. Islam membawa rahmat kepada semua. Beliau tidak boleh menjadi orang yang musta'jilun ( gopoh) untuk cepat menang sehingga mengenepikan soal prinsip perjuangan. Keyakinan ini yang ditanam di dalam diri ahli usrahnya.

3.Pernah Ikut Tarbiah

Hendak menjadi naqib usrah ia perlu juga mengikuti usrah baru ia boleh membawa usrah. Jika beliau tidak memahami usrah bagaimana beliau hendak membawa usrah kepada ahli usrah. Usrah mempunyai seni yang tersendiri, ia bukan ceramah umum, ia bukan kuliah maghrib. Tetapi ia adalah majlis meyakinkan fikrah perjuangan, membina peribadi ahli Pas, dan meniupkan semangat perjuangan. Lebih banyak muhasabah diri dan muhasabah dalaman, kurang mengkritik orang lain. Naqib yang biasa mengikuti program usrah sahaja yang mampu membawa usrah. Barulah akan lahir satu natijah kemanisan berusrah di kalangan ahli usrah. Program usrah dinanti-nanti kerana ia majlis yang menyeronokkan, bukan yang membosankan. Kenapa majlis usrah seronok? Jawabnya kerana naqib berpengalaman dan naqib berpengalaman di dalam usrah.

4.Suri Teladan Yang Baik

Naqib akan menjadi qudwah hasanah kepada anak buahnya. Izzahnya mesti dijaga di pandangan mata ahli. Jangan hilang thiqah ahli kepada naqib, apabila mereka melihat akhlak naqib tidak menepati piawai seorang yang berakhlak mulia. Naqib mesti bercakap serupa dengan perbuatan. Istilah, lihat apa yang saya cakap, bukan siapa yang bercakap tidak boleh digunakan oleh seorang naqib kepada ahli usrah. Peribadi naqib, isteri naqib, anak naqib, keluarga naqib semuanya menjadi perhatian di kalangan ahli usrah. Kesan yang mendalam akan dirasai oleh ahli usrah apabila memerhati peribadi naqib yang membuat apa yang dia cakap. Jika naqib sendiri tidak berjihad, macam mana ahli usrah hendak berjihad. Jika naqib kedekut macam mana ahli usrah hendak bersifat pemurah. Jika anak isterinya sendiri tidak terlibat dengan Pas macam mana orang lain bersemangat dengan Pas. Jika ahli keluarga naqib tidak menutup aurat macam mana anak buah hendak hormat dengan naqib. Semuanya tepat sepert kata-kata hukama' "Lisanul Hal lebih berkesan daripada kata-kata". Ahli psikollogi berkata manusia lebih senang memahami bahasa mata daripada bahasa lidah.

5. Mesti Terlibat Dengan Pas

Usrah bukan hanya memindah ilmu kepada pendengarnya, tetapi ia hendak membina fikrah ahli dan pembinaan parti. Macam mana naqib hendak membina parti jika beliau sendiri tidak melibatkan diri dengn Pas. Beliau sendiri tidak memahami struktur perjalanan parti. Jika ini berlaku untuk jangka panjang ia akan bertentangan dengan fikrah perjuangan parti. Lama kelamaan ia akan mewujudkan jamaah dalam jamaah. Naqib akan membawa fikrah peribadi, bukan fikrah jamaah. Segala keputusan parti tidak selari dengan apa yang beliau sampaikan dalam usrah. Misalnya dia tidak memahami Tahaluf Siasi yang sudah diputuskan oleh Majlis Syura, tetapi beliau membuat pendekatan yang tersendiri, akhirnya menimbulkan masalah kepada parti.

6. Kesungguhan

Pepatah Arab bermaksud "Siapa yang bersungguh-sungguh dia akan dapat ". Kunci kejayaan segala amalan ialah sifat kesungguhan di kalangan naqib. Tanpa kesungguhan, usrah tidak akan berjaya. Biasalah, kadang-kadang kita sebagai naqib datang anak buah tidak datang. Kerana usrah di dalam Pas perlu ada kesungguhan. Tempatnya jauh, pendalaman terutama ahli Pas di kampung-kampung. Orang yang mempunyai kesungguhan sahaja yang boleh melaksanakan usrah.

7. Sabar

Di dalam perjuangan perlu kesabaran, begitu juga sebagai naqib perlu ada kesabaran. Bukan senang untuk memahamkan akidah perjuangan kepada ahli usrah. Penekanan kepada ahli usrah mengenai akidah perjuangan perlu kepada kesabaran. Penekanan diberi kepada ahli usrah ialah perkara sam'iyat, dosa dan pahala bukan perkara yang dapat dilihat. Perlu ada kesabaran untuk meyakinkan ahli usrah.

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