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Greetings to you,

I believe you are a highly placed person considering the fact that I got your email from a human resource database of your country. I request you treat what I am about telling you with seriousness and confidentiality. Well, I am Miss. Thitima from Thailand, a banker. I was the account officer to a late customer who was an exporter of rice from Thailand. On the 21st of July 2008, he died in his sleep as a result of heart related illness. Before his death, I helped him deposit the sum of 12.3 million US Dollars as fixed deposit with our bank. The said deposit has long matured and no one has not shown up for the claim. All efforts made to reach any of his relatives have proved unsuccessful and the money deposited will soon be lost to the government if the claim is not made immediately.

All I require now is your honest cooperation to enable me present you as the beneficiary of his deposit in order to claim the money with our bank. It does not matter if you knew him or not or whethera he is related to you or not, you can successfully make the claim as long as you are not here in Thailand. Everything will be made easy by me once you are ready to co-operate with me. The fund shall be shared into two equal parts between the both of us when the claim is made. I guarantee that this will be done under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law both here and in your country. If you can help, write back for me to give you more details.

Thank you.
Miss. Thitima

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